Drunkorexia: Students Starving All Day to Drink at Night

Drunkorexia. Over the past academic year, the five-syllable word has become the most publicized new disorder impacting college students. A growing number of students, researchers, and health professionals consider it a dangerous phenomenon. Others dismiss it as a media-driven faux-trend. And still others contend it is nothing more than a fresh label stamped onto an activity that students have been carrying out for years.

Two Offbeat Diversity Stories: Common Readings & Campus Portraits (@thecrimson @cornellsun)

A pair of stories that would fit snugly into the diversity beat caught my eye in Ivy League student newspapers recently. They are both reminders that diversity issues are present on every campus beyond the gender spread, skin color, and birthplaces of the student body and staff. In these cases, they are also hanging on the walls and assigned as readings.

Campus Paper Reports on Cockroaches, Food Safety Violations; 650 Copies Stolen. Coincidence? (#nyc12)

Roughly 650 copies of The Unfiltered Lens have been reported stolen at the Community College of Rhode Island, prompting speculation the thefts may be a response to Lens reports on cockroaches and food safety violations. Noting that other publications distributed on campus were noticeably left stacked in their newsstands, the paper’s editor-in-chief Robert Armistead said “it leads me to believe that it is something specific with our newspaper, and more specifically with this issue.”

Oklahoma Daily Pushes for Gender-Neutral Campus Housing in Special Front-Page Editorial

The Oklahoma Daily is leading the charge to bring gender-neutral housing to the University of Oklahoma. In today’s issue, the paper splashed a special editorial calling for the policy’s approval across its entire front page. As editor-in-chief Chris Lusk explained in a separate letter from the editor, “While a newspaper must inform, there are times when a newspaper must speak up for what’s right. . . .”

College & Cook Magazine Bringing Student Foodies Together; Interview with Founder Audrey Scagnelli

George Washington University sophomore Audrey Scagnelli once burnt the croutons she was toasting, triggering a fire alarm that led to a campus building evacuation. Embarrassed, the political communication major brought local firefighters who raced to the scene some raspberry napoleons. She also turned the experience into a magazine spread. Scagnelli is the founder and editor-in-chief of College & Cook…

Linfield College Student Documentary ‘Tap That’ Exposes Alleged Ills of Bottled Water, Pushes for Campus Ban

Bottled water is bad. That is the thrust of the campaign Linfield College students Collin Morris and Annika Yates have been waging in an attempt to stop the product from being sold on the Oregon school’s campus. Inspired by the larger movement triggered by Food and Water Watch, the students have held events at Linfield attempting to educate students about the apparent wastefulness and pointlessness of buying something they can already get for free.

Controversial ‘Cashmere and Pearls’ Letter in Smith College Newspaper Spurs Campus, Media Frenzy

A Smith College alumna’s letter to the editor published last week in The Sophian has triggered enormous campus debate and media gaper delays for its assessment of the school’s current student body. As Anne Spurzem, a 1984 graduate of the private Massachusetts liberal arts college, wrote, “The people who are attending Smith these days are A) lesbians or B) international students who get financial aid or C) low-income women of color who are the first generation in their family to go to college and will go to any school that gives them enough money. . . .”

Iowa State Daily Drops Regular Print Feature After Racist Slang for Asians Published (#acpsea #ISU)

Roughly a week after accidentally printing a racist slang for individuals of Asian descent, The Iowa State Daily is apologizing and dropping the regular print feature in which it was included. On the “games page” of each ISD issue, editors regularly run “Just Sayin,'” comprised of “reader submitted quotes, quips and anything that may have been overheard on or off campus.”

Princeton Student’s Column Criticizing Annual Giving Prompts Online Comments War (#acpsea @Princetonian)

A Princeton University senior’s column in yesterday’s Daily Princetonian calling “the whole premise of annual giving . . . problematic” has spurred a wowzer of a debate in the online comments section. A majority of the commenters, proclaiming themselves Princeton students and alums, are nastily ripping into the student columnist as ungrateful for the education and Ivy League experience she has received. At least one comment has even brought her family into the mix, prompting the student’s mother to comment back in defense of her and her daughter.

Campus Restroom Graffiti Deserves a Fresh Report (@TheSeahawk #graffiti)

Only GOD can judge me!  I eat yogurt.  Where words fail, music speaks.  Sidewalks are just suggestions.  You never realize how shallow your life was until you become a mother.  Please let us express ourselves. — In the photo, the bathroom stall is littered with these random statements, and many more.  Altogether, they equal a […]

Ball Bearings Magazine Story: ‘A Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss’; An Interview with Ball State J-Student Lindsey Gelwicks

In the photo, the two college students from Indiana are leaning toward each other, eyes locked amorously, lips puckered in anticipation– and hands blocking their mouths. The odd last detail is a playful symbol of the couple’s vow to save their first kiss until after marriage. The image ran alongside a recent report in Ball Bearings Magazine at Ball State University focused on the small segment of students who have pledged to refrain from kissing until their wedding day, even as hook-ups and half-night stands take place in bars and dorm rooms all around them.

Sex, Sharks & the Penn State Student Newspaper Archives (@DailyCollegian #Jaws)

Yet another reminder about the treasures that exist within old campus newspapers: The Daily Collegian business staff at Penn State recently stumbled across a pair of adjoining ads in a September 1975 issue that brought oral sex, sharks, Spielberg, and pornography together for probably the first and last time.

Want Mac Miller to Perform on Campus? Buy Condoms, Bake Cookies (@AlleghenyCampus @MacMiller)

Condoms. Blue Solo cups (not red, blue). Homemade cookies. Pop-Tarts. Socks. And soup. These items are among performer Mac Miller’s formal requests included in a contract for an upcoming concert at Allegheny College. As a recent Allegheny Campus report by Katie McHugh explains, the requests are part of Miller’s contractual rider.

Student Press Love & Sex Stories: Open Relationships, Bras, Sex Crimes & Love Triangles (#sex)

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love. Open relationships, love triangles, sexual consent, sexy music, and the sexual side effects of so-called happiness drugs all make appearances. Happy Monday!

Website Popular Among Female Students: Betches Love This (@betchesluvthis)

Through a class assignment I had the pleasure to dispense and assess, my students recently clued me in to a website especially popular among female college students. The site: Betches Love This. The gist: “[I]t’s a perspective on college life with a debatable level of satire written about and for young adult women. . . .”