Pinterest: One Student’s Take on the College Crowd’s ‘Latest Obsession’ (@Pinterest)

I am waiting for an invitation to Pinterest. I signed up awhile back. Apparently, I’m on a waiting list. In the meantime, everyone I know under 30 is raving about it. I caught one of my top students scrolling through it on her laptop before class the other day and asked her for a rundown. In the post below, she praises the site as an “awesome form of expression” and sarcastically criticizes “as highly addictive.”

Student Press Story Headlines That Make Me Giggle #11 (@DailyCollegian #taxi)

The grand prize winner of today’s edition of this giggly headline feature is a headline topping what has to be called the attempted crime of the year, so far.  As the header to a well-written straight news story in The Daily Collegian reveals: “Student Faces Theft Charges After Attempting to Steal Taxi.”

Student Confessional Site TerpSecret: ‘Pour Your Heart Out. Or Just Talk Sh*t.’ (@TerpSecret #UMD)

The latest student-specific anonymous sharing site is TerpSecret. Geared toward University of Maryland students, the tagline states simply: “Pour Your Heart Out. Or Just Talk Sh*t. Whatever Works.”

Washington State’s Daily Evergreen Police #Tweetalong is Funny, Frightening (@DailyEvergreen #GoCougs)

This past weekend, Stephanie Schendel, the cops and courts reporter for The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University, tweeted live observations from a late-night ridealong with local police. Schendel has carried out several “tweetalongs” during the academic year, providing a glimpse of quirkier after-hours community goings-on with candor and quick wit.

After Giants Super Bowl Win, Columbia University Student Suggests ‘Let’s All Take the Day Off’

In the wake of the New York Giants come-from-behind Super Bowl win, Columbia Daily Spectator staffer Jim Pagels has a bold suggestion for Columbia University administrators: Declare Monday a school holiday.

Claremont McKenna Student Magazine Breaks Stories About College’s SAT Manipulation Scandal

The Claremont Port Side, a student newsmagazine at California’s Claremont McKenna College, has earned national attention and New York Times shout-outs this past week for its spirited coverage of an SAT score-fixing scandal. On Monday, Claremont McKenna’s president informed students that an administrator had been regularly inflating student SAT scores presumably to help the school’s placement in numerous national higher ed. rankings.

Student TV Comedy Sketch ‘Rape is Funny’ Triggers Major Criticism, Protests at UCONN

A rape parody sketch that aired earlier this week on an independent student-run television station at the University of Connecticut is spurring massive campus controversy and growing media attention. The production– which I’ve seen referenced by the titles “Rape is Funny” and “Evil Blue Light”– ran during a comedy program on UCTV called “Shenanigans.” It was also featured on UCTV’s website like all other programming.

Want to Write for the National Online Student Outlet NextGen Journal? ‘Make a Pitch’ (@NextGenJournal)

Sixteen months after its launch, national online student news-and-views outlet NextGen Journal is growing and continuing to innovate.

The ‘Dumb F*ckers’ Fallout: 7 Lessons from the Student Newspaper Slip

In a recent late-night newsroom slip that has now been widely reported and mocked, The Suffolk Journal accidentally printed a sub-headline they undoubtedly immensely regret. In a story about a campus involvement fair, the Suffolk University student newspaper’s main headline simply dubs the event a success (with an explanation point). The sub-hed, however, states: “Even we had some dumb fuckers sign up!” Yikes.

Online Alcohol Course on ‘Called a Joke’ By Some Undergrads (#drinking @RedandBlack)

An online alcohol education course that incoming college students nationwide are required to complete is “ineffective and may actually encourage irresponsible drinking,” a new report in The Red & Black at the University of Georgia confirms.  (FYI The Red & Black is my favorite student newspaper in the solar system, if you cannot tell by […]

Student Newspaper Strip Club Headline Causes Controversy at Oklahoma State

A sexually suggestive headline sitting atop a recent article on the front page of The Daily O’Collegian has prompted an uproar on Oklahoma State University’s campus. As I previously posted, the OK State student newspaper topped a front page centerpiece about a new strip club opening near campus with the header: “Diamond in the Muff.”

Suffolk Journal’s ‘Dumb F*ckers’ Slip Prompts Apology

An unfortunate slip in yesterday’s issue of The Suffolk Journal at Boston’s Suffolk University triggered an immediate apology from the student paper’s staff.  In a story about a Winter Involvement Fair, the main headline simply dubs the event a success (with an exclamation point).  The sub-hed, however, states: “Even we had some dumb fuckers sign […]

Jim Romenesko’s ‘Retirement Blog’ is Journalism’s Newest Destination Site

Jim Romenesko is having a good time. Lately, the “journalism evangelist,” “KING of the blogosphere,” and “go-to source for news about the news” has been waking up earlier, posting more often, and featuring content he had not felt free to publish for more than a decade. In the wake of his abrupt departure from The Poynter Institute late last year, he established an eponymous independent site that has quickly been embraced by media professionals, educators, students, and even a few Facebook spammers worldwide.

Student Press Love & Sex Stories: Hickeys, Virginity, and Dating Histories (#hickeys @BootyDrop)

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love. Hickeys, masturbation, penile fractures (ouch), the art of wooing a woman, and an intriguing website called Booty Drop all make appearances. Happy Wednesday!

College Media Hall of Fame: David Teeghman, Founder, J-School Buzz, University of Missouri (@JSchoolBuzz)

J-School Buzz, an independent student blog focused with unblinking intensity on the University of Missouri School of Journalism, awes me. At the moment, it is the only hyperlocal student blog within collegemediatopia of any significance. It continues to break interesting stories and trigger debates of consequence in Columbia, Mo., and beyond. And it is staffed by students within the Mizzou J-School who are unafraid to doggedly and at times critically report on their own program, possibly angering those who give them grades, might recommend them for internships, and consider them from scholarships.