Student Social Media Directors, Check Out Michigan Daily’s Citizen Journalism Tool #MichLinks

Student news outlet social media directors, take note: a reader engagement exercise potentially worth emulating is in its third month of operation at The Michigan Daily and seemingly finding success. As the Daily explains to its readers, #MichLinks is a “citizen journalism tool that compiles reporting about Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.”

Oregon Journalism Students Having Trouble Checking Out Multimedia Equipment They Need (@DailyEmerald)

Students in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon are increasingly having trouble checking out reporting 2.0 tools like video cameras and digital recorders from the school stockpile, a report late last week in The Oregon Daily Emerald revealed. Apparently, a new set of classes is requiring their use, suddenly making demand dramatically outpace supply. Frustrations are up. Assignments are being submitted late. Deadlines are being pushed back. And work quality is suffering.

10 More Funny College Memes: Kony 2012, Spring Break Tans & Dorm Bathroom Cleaning

As I’ve posted previously, one the major stories of the semester so far: college memes. Campus-specific memes have been invading the Facebook streams of students at schools throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. A rash of student media reports and social media chatter confirm that undergraduates’ online experiences have been hovering between “meme madness” and full-blown“meme mania.” I recently shared a sampling of memes posted on college meme Facebook pages. Building on that post’s popularity, I wanted to offer another glimpse at college memes being produced by students at schools nationwide.

Journalism Professors: When Your Students Want to Cover March Madness, You Excuse Them From Class

In the oddest piece I’ve come across this week, a professional-in-residence (AKA visiting prof.) at Marquette University debates how he should have responded to a pair of his students who asked to be excused from class to cover March Madness-related events in person for reputable outlets. For some reason, this debate takes 1,000 words and involves multiple sources weighing in. Seriously?

Students Trash Copies of Georgia State Signal Issue Featuring Sorority Hazing Reports (@gsusignal)

Only hours after a recent issue of The Signal hit campus newsstands at Georgia State University, students were seen allegedly trashing roughly 250 copies, a Student Press Law Center Report confirms. The most likely motivation for the students’ hasty dump-and-run: reports in the issue on GSU sorority hazing practices and other Greek organization investigations.

Hunger Games 101: A Student Schools Me on the Story, Fan Fervor & Why Katniss is Better Than Bella

The girl on fire. The Katniss braid. The Capitol. District 12. “Winning means fame and fortune. Losing means certain death.” Tributes. Peeta. Panem. “May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor.” With The Hunger Games about to invade multiplexes, the many locations, characters, quotes and quirks unique to the world author Suzanne Collins created are about to loom large within pop culture. I wanted to know what they were all about.

Two Offbeat Diversity Stories: Common Readings & Campus Portraits (@thecrimson @cornellsun)

A pair of stories that would fit snugly into the diversity beat caught my eye in Ivy League student newspapers recently. They are both reminders that diversity issues are present on every campus beyond the gender spread, skin color, and birthplaces of the student body and staff. In these cases, they are also hanging on the walls and assigned as readings.

Campus Paper Reports on Cockroaches, Food Safety Violations; 650 Copies Stolen. Coincidence? (#nyc12)

Roughly 650 copies of The Unfiltered Lens have been reported stolen at the Community College of Rhode Island, prompting speculation the thefts may be a response to Lens reports on cockroaches and food safety violations. Noting that other publications distributed on campus were noticeably left stacked in their newsstands, the paper’s editor-in-chief Robert Armistead said “it leads me to believe that it is something specific with our newspaper, and more specifically with this issue.”

Oklahoma State Student Senate to Daily O’Collegian: Allow SGA Members to Write for the Paper (@OColly)

In a short, spirited column appearing in today’s Daily O’Collegian at Oklahoma State University, opinion editor C.J. Cavin is forced to reassert a longstanding rule at the paper: Members of the school’s student government are not permitted to serve on staff. — Late last month, the OSU student senate passed legislation stating that SGA members […]

Chicago State Ordered By Law to Reinstate Fired Student Newspaper Adviser (#freepressvictory)

In a fascinating First Amendment and free press ruling, a federal judge has ordered Chicago State University to rehire a student newspaper adviser fired in 2008 after articles critical of the CSU administration were published. According to local news media and a Student Press Law Center report, the school must reinstate Steven Moore to his previous position– executive director of communications– for at least one year and erase negative references within his employment records. Firing him, the federal judge overseeing the case confirmed, was a violation of his free speech rights.

Draw Something: A Student’s Take on the ‘Hottest, Most Addictive’ App on Earth (@WeDrawSomething)

In the past week, two words have been flung at me by my students, colleagues, friends, and family, spoken like an order coming from an art teacher: Draw Something.  The app is currently the “hottest, most Addictive iPhone game” on the planet.  In the guest post below, University of Tampa student and Minaret chief copy […]

College Media Memes: Cats, Freshmen Reporters & the Best Undercover Journalism . . . Ever

In the midst of academia’s continued overwhelming meme madness, I have been putting together a growing list of memes focused specifically on collegemediatopia– its student staffers, faculty advisers, digital tools (and distractions), and style rules. Below is a glimpse at what will hopefully soon be a gargantuan list featured on the College Media Memes Facebook page.

Fort Hays State SGA Cuts More Than $30,000 from Student Newspaper’s Budget (@FHSULeader)

The Student Government Association at Fort Hays State University has dealt a sudden financial thunderclap to the school’s student newspaper, The University Leader. The SGA ripped more than $30,000 from the paper’s budget, cutting its funding support from $50,000 to a bit less than $20,000.

Student Press Headline of the Day: Fetus Blood vs. Real Blood

A recent opinion piece in the University of North Florida Spinnaker defending the shock value of an organization’s anti-abortion campaign definitely got my attention for its shock value of a headline.  As the op-ed topper states simply, “I Guess Fetus Blood Doesn’t Count as Real Blood.”

Daily Illini is Up $150,000; For the First Time, Students Will Help Fund the Paper (@TheDailyIllini)

Late last week, University of Illinois students voted to approve a $3-per-student-per-semester fees increase to help support The Daily Illini. It is the first time the paper’s operating company Illini Media has asked for such assistance.