J-Student Spotlight: Matthew Bunch, University of Miami

Matthew Bunch has broadcast in his blood and background and paper-and-ink under his current control.  The 21-year-old University of Miami student is a broadcast journalism and economics double-major who loves “Anchorman” and “Network” and previously won the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers’ national high school announcer of the year award.  (Try to say that […]

J-Student Spotlight: Georgia Adams, Univ. of West Florida

Georgia Adams once proudly danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly in Nashville, and her hair is sometimes red “or redder, or blue, or something in between.”  Her journalism work is similarly bold and scattered.  Adams is currently finishing up a stint as both managing editor AND sports editor (interesting combo) for The Voyager student newspaper at the […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Jackie Hai, UMASS Amherst

Jackie Hai is a hybrid- a student journalist extraordinaire with competing interests in (ready for this?) philosophy, anthropology, economics, music, physical discipline, and information technology. Growing up in greater Boston, the UMASS Amherst senior considered careers in archaeology, online game development, film, and music. The news media prevailed, and are the better for it. — […]

Minnesota Daily Report: A “Feat of Investigative Journalism”

The academic transcript: forged.  The English accent: faked.  A majority of stories from his past: fabricated, or at least greatly exaggerated.  The candidate’s campaign for city council: over. — As recently as a few weeks ago, Charles Carlson, a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, faced few hurdles in his race for a Minneapolis […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Georgia Perry, Indiana U.

Update: For those interested in checking out The Robin, Perry reports: “People can read some stories online at www.thebtownrobin.tumblr.com.  Or if they want print copies they can inquire about that through thebtownrobin@gmail.com and we’ll send them over and just ask for a donation of whatever they want to give.” ———- Georgia Perry is making a […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Tobias Davis, Editor, Student Newspaper

As CMM reported late last month, a student-run online publication was recently launched at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by undergraduates aching for a greater conservative voice on campus.  It received a minor spate of media attention upon its arrival, including a mention in The Daily Nebraskan. Its name: Student Newspaper. ———- In an interview with […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Cody Brown, NYU Local

Cody Brown is a journalism revolutionary. As publisher of NYU Local at New York University, “a 24 hour Web site about the school we call home,” Brown is aiming to “remove the distinction of who is a professional and who is a citizen and let everyone contribute in the same way, using their real names […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Nicole Alvarado, The Battalion

In the photo below, Nicole Alvarado appears to be holding a plastic Star Wars-inspired lightsaber.  The image is fitting given how little time The Battalion student newspaper editor in chief actually sees sunlight.       A journalism professor lightheartedly warned Alvarado two years ago about her work on The Battalion: “You will spend all […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Bobby Melok, The Montclarion

In the picture below, Bobby Melok describes himself as being “in full student-journalist mode: bags under the eyes, gym clothes, you know, stuff that screams out ‘I’ve been up for 48 hours straight, get out of my way!’” As EIC of The Montclarion at Montclair State University in New Jersey, Melok is overseeing the paper’s […]

Journalist Spotlight: Emily Veach, Wall Street Journal Asia

Emily Veach is roughly a half-day ahead of you.  She recently arrived in Hong Kong, part of the larger “Wall Street Journal Copy Desk Diaspora” (an actual Facebook group).  She works nights.  She travels to Tapei on weekends and recently kayaked in the waters off Cheung Chau Island.  She enjoys playing “Rock Band.”  And she’s a twentysomething journalist worth knowing.     […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Paras Bhayani, Harvard Crimson

Paras Bhayani, managing editor, The Harvard Crimson ————————   Twenty-three hours.   Riding the Amtrak train between Chicago and Boston takes 23 hours each way. It’s a trip Paras Bhayani knows well. The Chicago native and Harvard University senior has refused to fly back-and-forth between Chi-town and Beantown for the past two years. Why? “Trains can save […]