In the Spotlight: Derek Flanzraich, HUTV Founder, Harvard

On a cold day in Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University psychology professor Steven Pinker lifts a television above his head and then smashes it into the ground.  With the TV’s innards exposed, he proceeds to stomp on it and whack it repeatedly with a metal pole. — The uber-aggression aimed at this old media outlet served […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Josh Shannon, The Review, University of Delaware

In Josh Shannon’s words: “I wanted to be a journalist long before I ever knew I wanted to be a journalist.” Starting in his childhood, he has saved newspapers from historic moments in contemporary history (including presidential elections and the start of the Iraq War) and his own journalism history (including reporting clips) — leaving one […]

In the Spotlight: Cameron Henderson, Publisher, Northwestern Art Review

Eight Northwestern University students. A “cheap pizza joint.” Spirited conversation about a shared love of art and architecture. An idea for a publication whose aim would be nothing less than to “provide a forum for greater exchange among an expanding community of students who devote their time to studying, thinking and writing about art.”  The Northwestern […]

In the Spotlight: College Fashion Founder Zephyr Basine

Zephyr Basine is a candy fiend who considers vanilla cupcakes (with extra frosting) manna from heaven and Sour Patch Kids fit to rule the world. She is also “a fan of fearless style” whose name has become synonymous with College Fashion. — Basine started CF as a personal blog while an undergrad at UMASS Amherst, […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Jonathan Anderson, Ultimate College Press Freedom Fighter, UW-Milwaukee

Jonathan Anderson is a terrific journalist. He has the records to prove it– most of which he requested himself. Simply put, Anderson is the ultimate college press freedom fighter. He may not be Braveheart, but he’s the epitome of Mel Gibson’s famous scream. — As the student journo extraordinaire at the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee says, “The […]

J-Student Spotlight: Bryan J. Roy, University of Arizona

(Check out original story on College Media Beat) — Bryan J. Roy is aglow against an early nighttime sky.  The University of Arizona student journalist’s name is the most prominent feature of the metropolitan-themed graphic header on his Web site.  The portfolio site is an ode to his numerous (and varied!) journalistic accomplishments.  The 20-year-old’s […]

Part Two of Nicholas Persac Interview: Daily Reveille Editor Talks Hurricanes, the Cops Beat, and “Sex Hot Spots”

When we last left Nicholas Persac, he was in the eye of a hurricane. At the close of part one of our *epic* interview, the Daily Reveille editor in chief had just begun to tell the tale of a journalistic experience of a lifetime: covering a natural disaster in the making. — — Prior to his […]

Interview: Nicholas Persac, Editor in Chief, LSU’s Daily Reveille

Nicholas Persac’s non-journalism friends hate when he talks about The Daily Reveille, the standout student newspaper at Louisiana State University he currently oversees as editor in chief.  Why?  Because if you get him started . . . “I can just go on and on and on. It’s just something I’m so passionate about that I […]

J-Student Spotlight: Amy Brittain, LSU & UWIRE 100

Amy Brittain is not a millionaire, but she did aspire to be one on TV.  At 19, she appeared on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and pocketed $16,000 in prize money.  Her real passion and talent, however, is sports, not games. — As a sports writer for The Daily Reveille at Louisiana State University, […]

J-Student Spotlight: Rachael Dickson, George Mason U., UWIRE 100

Rachael Dickson is an award-winning, professionally-trained harpist.  Over the years, she has even played “rock harp” in a few bars, which immediately makes her cooler than you.  The  rising senior at George Mason University is also a self-described “21-year-old reporter kicking it new-school online with thoughts, musings, articles, videos, and photos.”  — Her online awesomeness extended this […]

J-Student Spotlight: Hailey Branson, Univ. of Oklahoma, UWIRE 100

Hailey Branson is afraid of microwaves.  She plays paintball, the piano, and the marimba.  And she also oozes reporting talent and a passion for journalism that borders on life affirming. — As a former j-student colleague gushes: “In an age of constant technological advances and increased cynicism, you would be hard pressed to find someone who […]

J-Student Spotlight: Katelyn Polantz, Univ. of Pittsburgh, UWIRE 100

Katelyn Polantz once went on a liquid diet as a college freshman.  It lasted a week.  She fell in love with journalism as a sophomore.  It appears this love will last a lifetime. — As editor in chief of The Pitt News over the past year, Polantz led a staff of roughly 120 student reporters and editors, oversaw the formation […]

J-Student Spotlight: Julie Steinberg, Univ. of Pennsylvania, UWIRE 100

Julie Steinberg digs former U.S. President Martin Van Buren.  “I think he is underrated and deserves credit for his sideburns,” she said.  “I have no idea what he did politically.” — Van Buren was a chief architect of the Democratic Party and is one of only two individuals to serve as Secretary of State, Vice President, and President.  But […]

J-Student Spotlight: Jake Donahue, North Idaho College, UWIRE 100

Jake Donahue loves Little League.  He has coached five Little League baseball, three basketball, and three soccer teams, amassing an above-.500 won-loss record and a not-so-secret desire to serve as a high school or small college athletic director.  He also just may be the country’s most talented young news designer.   — Colleagues who served […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Meredith Shiner, Duke Univ., UWIRE 100

Meredith Shiner is an über-sports-hound and Chi-town gal at heart.  In her words, “As an unapologetic White Sox fan who grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, my high school superlative was, ‘Most Likely to Start a Brawl at a Cubs/Sox Game.’” — As a sports reporter, columnist, and editor at The Chronicle at Duke University, Shiner […]