College Media Geeks: Emily Bloch, Florida Atlantic University

She battles bad writing, plagiarists and zombies and freelances on the side

Covering Trump

The staff of the Iowa State Daily worked until the early hours of the morning on Election Night. They soon learned that their coverage of Donald Trump’s victory was just getting started.

A new Focus

Months after losing their newspaper, UCF student journalists move on with new, independent website

Breaking down breaking news

Editors from Ohio State University’s student-run newspaper talk about initial reactions and lessons learned from reporting on an attack on their campus.

Valentine’s Day Special: Pitt News Publishes Annual Sex Edition (@ThePittNews #sex)

Macognone’s missive is a call-to-arms trumpeting the arrival of the latest Pitt News sex edition. Now in its fourth year, it has emerged as one of collegemediatopia’s most insightful and creatively-designed themed issues tackling sex and love.

College Media Hall of Fame: David Teeghman, Founder, J-School Buzz, University of Missouri (@JSchoolBuzz)

J-School Buzz, an independent student blog focused with unblinking intensity on the University of Missouri School of Journalism, awes me. At the moment, it is the only hyperlocal student blog within collegemediatopia of any significance. It continues to break interesting stories and trigger debates of consequence in Columbia, Mo., and beyond. And it is staffed by students within the Mizzou J-School who are unafraid to doggedly and at times critically report on their own program, possibly angering those who give them grades, might recommend them for internships, and consider them from scholarships.

In the Spotlight: Elisa DeCastro, Devoted Nerdfighter & Notre Dame Observer Staffer

DFTBA. The five-letter acronym is also a call-to-arms. Simply put: Don’t Forget to Be Awesome. The saying is a core component of nerdfighting, a cult movement increasingly gaining traction on campuses nationwide. Nerdfighters are a loose collection of geeky do-gooders who attempt to enact positive change in the real world and online.

Student Journalist Spotlight: Brian Dzenis, Editor-in-Chief, The Temple News

Temple University student Brian Dzenis is a devoted member of what he calls “Team Bacon.”  Along with journalism, Dzenis has publicly declared his enjoyment of three things most in this world: “sports, bacon, and foods that include bacon.” — The editor-in-chief of The Temple News, the student newspaper at the Philadelphia school, recently tested his bacon adulation and general carnivorousness […]

Recent Journalism Grad: Dealing with ‘The Question’ & the Journalism Unemployment Myth

During the last academic year, Indiana University senior journalism student Sarah Hutchins dreaded what she called The Question, capital T, capital Q. — “The conversations always start the same,” Hutchins wrote a month before commencement for The Indiana Daily Student’s quarterly magazine Inside.  “‘So, what are you doing after graduation?‘  I’ve been asked by family, friends, old high […]

In the Spotlight: Max Hasan, College Music Correspondent, NextGen Journal

Three major musical buzzwords have emerged this summer among students: Moombahton, Tumblr, and Mac. The first is a genre. The second is a social network. The third is an increasingly popular performer. Max Hasan, NextGen Journal’s music correspondent, regularly tracks the trends, people, and platforms impacting all-things music– especially within the underground and student scenes. He also writes about what he calls “GOOD MUSIC” on his blog The Collab Projekt .

Young Journalist: ‘Reporters Are a Sketchy Breed’ :p

Angel McCurdy is a young journalist.  Yet, she jokes on Twitter that her love of “dresses, floral patterns, DIY projects, and newspapers” means she might actually be 80 years old. — As a staff writer at a kick-a** Florida daily, McCurdy has been fully ensconced in all-things journalism for awhile.  In her words, “I’ve been […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Alexandra Churchill, University of New Hampshire

Alexandra Churchill loves ballet, summertime camping trips, espresso shots, James Dean, and the smell of old books.  The junior j-student at the University of New Hampshire has been in the book publishing business for almost her entire two-decade existence. — “I heard once that Stephen King used to sell his fiction stories to classmates in […]

In the Spotlight: Rob Tricchinelli, Public Editor, Cornell Sun

In an April 2009 introduction, Rob Tricchinelli asked readers of The Cornell Daily Sun, simply, “What do you like?  What do you hate?  What’s fair?  What’s not? What is the Sun doing well?  Poorly?  What’s being missed?“ — The questions, in many ways, define his job scope.  As the Sun‘s public editor, Tricchinelli acts as […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Kyli Singh, Opinion Editor, The Miami Hurricane

Smokers’ rights.  Students’ sexual health.  Digital textbooks.  The arts in higher education.  Illegal music downloading.  Weapons possession in restaurants and bars.  Campus parking.  The campus shuttle service.  The campus police Emergency Notification Network.  The Amish.  The Tea Party.  President Obama. Greg Giraldo.  Marco Rubio.  Lauryn Hill. — What do all these issues and individuals have in common? […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Nora Simon, Editor in Chief, Oregon Daily Emerald

On her Twitter bio, Nora Simon puts it simply: “Every day I’m editing.” The personal observation is also the title of one of her blogs. — Simon is editor in chief of The Oregon Daily Emerald– the EIC of the ODE. She has already overseen a major print redesign of the paper and is promoting […]