Career Prospects, Lord Voldemort, and the Future of College Journalism

The honesty of the lead sentence is almost painful to read.  I both laughed and cringed simultaneously: “I have written this so that I can write in my CV [résumé] that ‘I wrote for the student newspaper’.” — In a recent editorial for The Student Direct at the University of Manchester (the largest campus paper […]

J-Schools Will Play Catchup Forever in New Media Age

While it has been reported with increasing regularity by evermore news media and with ever-greater blogysteria over the past 18 months, the trend apparently did not become real until a few days ago when The New York Times said so: Journalism schools are struggling to stay ahead of the new media curve in planning their […]

As Journalism Gets Personal, Are Unsigned Editorials Out of Touch?

Are we past the days of unsigned editorials?  In this emerging era of journalism-as-cult-of-personality, is a news outlet’s anthropomorphic opinion (“The New York Times feels…”) irrelevant? — In a column in today’s Lantern, the student newspaper at Ohio State University, opinion editor Richard Poskozim puts together a very rationale argument against upholding “the imaginary character” […]

The Heights is NOT The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Heights student newspaper at Boston College wants you to know: It is not descending into that great unpublished yonder that is journalistic oblivion.  In its own words, via an editorial published recently, “The Heights isn’t following the fate of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer just yet.”  Take that Newspaper Death Watch!  (Umm, at least for now…) […]

Exclusive: CEO Discusses UWIRE Purchase

In what amounts to a hugely positive shake-up in student press circles, has purchased UWIRE, the richest content provider in collegemediatopia, the Center for Innovation in College Media announced earlier today. — Billing itself as “an online home for everything college students care about,” “has been operating outside the traditional college media sphere” […]

Student Papers in State of Absolute Topsy-Turvydom

If you still needed any confirmation that collegemediatopia is imploding/reinventing without any real sense of what the heck is going on, read this piece on The Daily Californian written in-house by UC-Berkeley News. — Basically an interview with the current top editor (wrapped around the usual chest-beating over j-awards earned), the chatter seems to come […]

Student Media Fee Cuts Would Leave KU Outlets Limping

The student media have long been viewed as the beating hearts of higher education, pulsing at the center of nearly every first-rate university worldwide.  At the University of Kansas, trouble is brewing at this heart, in the form of a possible reduction or elimination of student media fees- fees that support the operating budgets and […]

Professor: Why Teach Journalism If Newspapers Are Dying?

An anonymous journalism professor wrote in to an advice guru of some kind at Salon two days back warbling about her guilt at teaching college journalism students when print newspapers, the foundation of the field’s industry work, are imploding. — According to the j-prof: — The problem is this: I feel like I’m teaching them […]

New Student Site: One-Stop Shop or Pretend Journalism?

I’m ambivalent.  Here’s the deal: The Philadelphia Inquirer has announced it is launching a new Web site aimed at providing a platform for the journalistic and creative work of college students throughout the Philly area, according to a new report in The Hawk at Saint Joseph’s University.  News reports, op-eds, blogs, photos, even fiction pieces […]

Students Still Want to be Journalists: “It is Who We Are”

Last week, I came across an interesting piece in the Chicago Sun-Times from DePaul University journalism professor Laura Washington.  Her main premise is the same-old this just in . . . students don’t read newsprint statement of generational disbelief but the sentiments she gathers from students are very telling. — She asked one of her […]

Emerald Strike Watch: Bigger Picture Thoughts

College journalist extraordinaire Daniel Bachhuber, a University of Oregon student and ex-Emerald staffer, shares some important bigger-picture thoughts (and those of a colleague) about collegemediatopia’s first major strike in the social networking era. — His premise: The fight is not really about possible editorial control.  It’s about the Emerald‘s future.  The paper is apparently hurting […]

Journalism Still the Popular Kid in School

Even amid an industry-wide shrink-fest and an upside-down-inside-out topsy-turvydom to all-things-journalism, students still want to study the craft- more than ever.  It’s not a fluke.  It’s seemingly fact.  A sampling of recent reports: — As the Press Gazette report notes, in England, applications from students aspiring to obtain journalism degrees from the country’s universities are […]

UWIRE Round-Up of Student Newspaper Troubles

UWIRE provides a nice roundup of recent campus newspaper staff/print edition downsizing, providing briefs and links to full stories about cutbacks at a dozen student papers across the U.S.   As the intro reports: “All over the country, university newspapers are scaling back to accommodate flagging funds, from slashing staff to going online.” —- Great list […]

College Radio: Even Prison Inmates Are Tuning In!

Campus radio stations in the online age are keeping their anti-Top 40 attitudes even as they smartly adapt, according to a recent report in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. — In greater Sioux Falls, the student stations are “are reaching beyond the confines of the college campus” via enhanced signal coverage, Webcasting, programs directed at […]

25 Random Things About Modern College Media: Part 3

My contribution to the now way-too-popular “Random” list phenomenon continues below with Part 3 of “25 Random Things About Modern College Media.”  (Also see Part 1 and Part 2.)  As promised, today’s segment is all about the tough love, presenting some of the harsher truths about 21st-century collegemediatopia.  First up… — 11) Student media online […]