Student Newspaper Dropping to Twice a Week in Print

The Western Herald at Western Michigan University is cutting two days per week from its print publication schedule,  a cost-cutting, future-focused move I imagine I will be writing about a lot this summer.  — As The Kalamazoo Gazette reports, the paper’s normal print run during the school year is Monday through Thursday.  Now, it will just be Monday AND Thursday.  Online content […]

Minnesota Daily Snags Attention Through Facebook App

The Minnesota Daily may be on the leading edge of the latest Facebook app revolution, this one with a journalism twist.  “Minnesota Daily on Facebook” (see screenshot below) is engaging readers to check out the student pub’s Web site, share stories with friends, and write letters to the editors in exchange for prizes. — A […]

Student Journalism “On Life Support” in UK

I promise to present some cheery news soon.  As it stands, the reports and asides coming in recently have competed for the title of bleakest.  The latest is awfully bloody bad news for student newspapers across the pond.  According to a new nationwide survey, campus papers in England are suffering crisis-level cash flow problems. — […]

Student Newspapers: “From Printing Press to the Morgue”?

According to the j-student shown below, the photo was taken in fun: half journalist, half-zombie, a sort of “Night of The Living Deadline.” — — The student is a staffer at The Ryersonian, a student newspaper at Toronto’s Ryerson University.  In a blog about the picture, she admits the spoof also contains a bit too […]

Journalist Tells J-Student: Get Out While You Still Can! :(

It is official: Journalists are telling j-students to STAY AWAY from the profession, for their own sake.  In a new “Help Wanted” blog for UWIRE, recent j-grad John Sutton writes that a former internship mentor is less-than-keen on his enthusiasm for joining the newspaper biz: —  Even one of my primary contacts in the job […]

Harvard Crimson Staffers Avoiding Journalism Upon Graduation

The media and blogosphere have picked up on and overexuberantly parsed recent news that a majority of the graduating seniors sitting on The Harvard Crimson‘s executive board are NOT looking to pursue a journalism career.  Their collective decision is seemingly being heralded as yet one more small-scale sign that the journalism apocalypse is upon us. […]

Student Media’s Next Stop Should Be the Statehouse

Attention, attention please.  Paging student media.  You are needed in the state house immediately.  — Amid all the talk and snippets of action as to how college journalism can save the Fourth Estate or at least help ease its decline (such as thefirst university-based investigative journalism center, attempts at international news coverage by j-students at Suffolk, Swarthmore, […]

iPod, iPhone To Be RequIred (Sort of) at MIzzou J-School

Forget notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, cell phones, laptops, Kindles, and possibly even in-class attendance.  The future of j-education, according to the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, begins with the letter i.   — The school is encouraging j-students to purchase either or both an iPod touch and an iPhone to complement or […]

Student Editor: “This Isn’t How the Rocky Mountain News and Post-Intelligencer Died”

Editors at The Stentor student newspaper at Chicago’s Lake Forest College launched an editorial comeback to the LFC administration’s recent decision to no longer employ the paper’s adviser.  The purported reason, as you might guess, is what the college president calls “budget stress.”   — Stentor staffers are not buying- citing a mega-huge, $17-million sports […]

Student: “Forget the Web; I Want to Read a Newspaper”

Forget the e-reader! :)  At least one college student is still singing print newspaper’s praises, via an editorial The DePauw: — Throughout first semester, I woke up early most mornings, mosied to the Hub, and while munching on a bagel, perused the Star– a habit which I’d practiced regularly for many years. Though a small, […]

Would You Read a Student Newspaper on This?

Lantern Going Dark on Fridays at Ohio State

The Lantern at Ohio State University will shutter its Friday print edition come fall, joining the growing number of TGI F-ed student papers nationwide (via The Paper Trail). — As summed up by a staffer, the recent story of The Lantern has been bleak: “More than three years ago, The Lantern cut circulation from 28,000 to 15,000. Last summer […]

Student Newspaper’s New Policy: No Comments Allowed

The Daily Egyptian at Southern Illinois University Carbondale has disabled the comments feature that follows all stories run on its Web site.  In a note to readers (which I first found via UWIRE), top editor Allison Petty wrote that the mean-spirited, at-times slanderous “sexism, racism, immaturity and malice” being posted had overwhelmed the constructive dialogue and left […]

UWIRE 100: Honoring College Media Cream of the Crop

99 + 1.  1,000 – 900.  10 x 10.   300 / 3.  Any way you add, subtract, multiply or divide it, the answer is the same: 100.  It is fast becoming the most famous number in collegemediatopia, especially when attached to UWIRE, an evermore iconic brand name.   — The 2009 edition of the […]

Student Activist Uses Hidden Camera, YouTube to Further Anti-Abortion Cause

A college student activist on an anti-abortion crusade has employed new media (and a bit of acting) to spread her eye-opening message across the World (Wide Web).  Lila Rose, an undergraduate at UCLA, is 20 going on 13 . . . at least that’s the age she pretends to be during the half dozen “sting” […]