At SUNY Binghamton, Students’ Passion for Print is a Pipe Dream

There is a battle brewing in Binghamton, one pitting print against online, tradition against innovation, ink stains against Google searches, newsstands against trending tweets. It is the story of student journalism’s (r)evolution, writ small.  It is a Pipe Dream. — Like all campus newspapers, The Pipe Dream at SUNY Binghamton is caught in a state […]

“First Worldwide College Website” Set to Launch in Sept.

Its name: College NewsNet International.  Its niche and significance, according to its founders: “the first worldwide college website.” — Plans for CNI were solidified and presented during the recent World Journalism Education Congress in South Africa.  The basic structure seems like a mix of UPIU, Huffington Post College, and Her Campus.  It will be “a […]

In the Spotlight: Suzanne Yada, San Jose State University

Suzanne Yada’s motto while toiling as a copy editor at a daily paper in Visalia, Calif.: “Errors.  Must.  Die.” Her new three-word motto, the one that has put her on the new media radar, is a call-to-arms to student journalists of generation now. As she puts it simply, “Grow some cojones.” — The mantra was […]

UPIU: “Building the J-Future” Atop Students Worldwide

A street preacher with a flair for the dramatic and controversial recently drew crowds of followers and protesters at Virginia Commonwealth University. As a Quill piece noted, upon witnessing the growing fervor, VCU junior Kate Lewanowicz “knew she had a compelling story,” one worth sharing with outside media and the world . . . wide web. […]

Trending: “Journalism Schools as News Providers”

As the ranks and resources of the professional press continue shrinking, “news organization-university partnerships” are growing, a new Poynter piece confirms. — As the piece notes, “The New York Times, The Bay Citizen and Next Door Media have recently partnered with universities in hopes that students can help them expand their hyperlocal coverage, engage new […]

Is “Student Journalist” an Unfair, “Subhuman” Distinction?

A month ago, a prominent journalism educator lightly scolded me for using the phrase “student journalist” to describe an undergraduate reporter (since graduated) who produced a high-profile story as part of a capstone journalism course. — In his words: “I think it is important to press for equality between ‘student’ journalists and others.  Somehow ‘student’ denigrates […]

Journalism 2.0 “Tidal Wave”: Students Riding High, Adults Running Scared, According to Rutgers J-Prof

One of the most quotable quotes related to collegemediatopia this calendar year appears in a new PBS MediaShift piece that discusses the skill-abilities future journalists need to bring to the newsroom/Google Wave. — Speaking candidly about the generational divide existing between j-students and middle-aged-and-older j-professionals, former and NPR producer and current Rutgers University instructor […]

Daily Northwestern: “Dying” or About to Rebound, Reinvent?

In 1923, Time magazine began publication.  The first portable radio was developed.  The Walt Disney Company was founded.  And a certain student newspaper at a certain lakeside university in Illinois went independent. — The Daily Northwestern has since enjoyed an almost-unparalleled journalistic renaissance.  Today, it stands as one of the most prolific, trusted, and iconic […]

USC’s Neon Tommy Shows Journalism 2.0’s True Colors

Neon Tommy is an online news outlet built atop public service more than staff pay, “stories that nobody has heard before” more than parroting headlines of the day, and possessing “a certain blue-collar sensibility” wedded blissfully with new media’s rough-and-tumble gung-ho. — The USC news site is the new flagship enterprise of the larger Annenberg […]

College Media Podcast: A Chat About the iPad, CICM News

In a recent recorded chat, Bryan Murley, director of the Center for Innovation in College Media (CICM), and I discussed a pair of topics impacting collegemediatopia: the iPad’s student press implications and one college newspaper’s early iPad app; and an announcement about some big news for CICM and Murley.  Please click below to listen in on […]

Student Editor: “Journalism Industry, Pay Attention to Us”

Last week, Amanda Litman laid the smack down.  In a piece for Huffington Post College, the North by Northwestern editor sounded the call I have been making since starting this blog- although definitely in a more confrontational tone than I normally take. :-) — “Hey, journalism industry: pay attention to us,” she begins her admirably […]

College Media About the Mayhem, Not the Millions

This just in: College media, on the whole, are not rich, overstaffed, well-oiled machines. In fact, most student journalism outlets are one bad semester, staff shortage or poor leadership transition away from near-extinction every academic term. — And yet, this reality is often overlooked on campuses and within news reports. A few years back, Newsweek […]

Optimist Unveils First Student Newspaper iPad Application

The Optimist‘s iAwesomeness continues to be unparalleled in collegemediatopia.  As promised months earlier, the campus newspaper at Abilene Christian University became the first iPad-friendly student publication. Earlier this week, the paper launched its iPad edition as an application available for free download via the iTunes store. — The iPad push is part of a larger […]

Mashable: Onward State at PSU a “Sociological Petri Dish”

Onward State‘s legend grows.  A new Mashable post about the Penn State University online outlet describes it as nothing less than a “rogue campus blog” and a “sociological Petri dish”- one that is at the center of an epic “old/new media rivalry.”  The new write-up follows a recent Chronicle of Higher Education report that anointed […]

In the Spotlight: Derek Flanzraich, HUTV Founder, Harvard

On a cold day in Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University psychology professor Steven Pinker lifts a television above his head and then smashes it into the ground.  With the TV’s innards exposed, he proceeds to stomp on it and whack it repeatedly with a metal pole. — The uber-aggression aimed at this old media outlet served […]