College Yearbooks: Things of the Past?

August 30- The Corolla is on “the brink of extinction.”   According to a story in today’s Tuscaloosa News, the University of Alabama yearbook is simply not considered relevant enough to students to pay the $70 cover charge. (Only 344 students in a school of 25,500 bought one last year.) “It is in a precarious […]

“A Wand to Conduct Some Thunder”

August 20: The modern student newspaper is both a “haven from the tempest” and “a wand to conduct some thunder.”   So says Washington City Paper at the start of an amusing, more-comprehensive-than-normal profile of six student newspapers in greater Washington D.C. One other portion worth sharing: “Real newspapers are losing readers by the minute, […]

Will They Harvest Blogs and Webcasts?

August 18- Even the name just sounds cutting-edge: the Center for Media Innovation and Research.   The Center debuts this fall at the University of Florida, under the direction of veteran journalist David Carlson. And Carlson and administrators describe it using a different moniker: a media farm. “We won’t raise vegetables,” Carlson told a university […]