Is it time for Journalism 101 2.0?

The debate between the power of online and print in collegemediatopia continues.  (See previous post!)  Another back-and-forth made popular as of late: Should the inverted pyramid be rejected from a j-school near you?  Or more generally, is the old style of j-writing and reporting not worth the j-101 class in which it is being taught?   […]

Take That Newspaper Death Watch: Part II

Interest in student newspapers at Vermont colleges and universities is up, and not just the Web versions!  As The Burlington Free Press reports, “Never mind online editions, which are popular among parents and alumni.  The students themselves are still reading the good old hard copies.”     Even The Cynic at the University of Vermont is […]

So Where’s the Beef with J-School Enrollment?

The latest Journalism Industry Scaring Students story appeared yesterday in The Arkansas Traveler at the University of Arkansas.  As the nut graf mentioned, “They [j-students] hear about the decline of newspapers, the layoffs, the buyouts.  They hear about the drop in advertising revenue, the hiring freezes . . . [a]nd they’re worried.”    Butttt, as this piece […]

It’s the E-Content, Stupid

College news media 2.0 must always remain content-focused, according to the exec. ed. of The Detroit Free Press and a finalist for the directorship of the j-school at Texas Christian University.     According to a Daily Skiff write-up on Caesar Andrew’s recent visit to TCU, the longtime journalist touted new media as the means to deliver the […]

Student Journalists’ Futures To Be Outsourced?

As a colleague who passed along this USA Today story noted in an e-mail, “It’s not college journalism, but still, wow.”  The basics: MediaNews Group CEO Dean Singleton speechified on Monday at the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association that outsourcing might be in journalism’s next wave.   According to Singleton:   One thing we’re exploring is having […]

A Counter to College Papers’ Printeriffic Optimism

The debate over the future of print student newspapers continues. The Brown Daily Herald currently features a piece countering the printeriffic optimism of a recent Chronicle of Higher Ed report.   In the article, the executive director of the National Scholastic Press Association said the flailing economy and online advertising alternatives are now hitting the student […]

Chronicle at Duke “Insulated” From Industry Spiral

A recent feature and separate editorial in The Chronicle at Duke University reaffirmed what The Chronicle of Higher Ed and CMM have previously written: The print versions of student newspapers are NOT in dire straits.   The main feature’s start: “The newspaper you hold in your hand has not changed dramatically since the 1970s. But […]

It even includes a clip from “The Office”!

September 22- Another “Fast and the Furious” sequel. A New Kids on the Block reunion tour. A gray-haired journo telling j-students that the industry is changing and its future is in their hands. Some things are simply unavoidable.   New Columbia University j-school dean Bill Grueskin (a former Wall Street Journal editor) recently gave the […]

All Atwitter Over Twitter

September 20- The White House Situation Room.  An operating room.  John Q. Public’s bedroom or private study.  There are certain locations from within which it would be impolite, unethical or downright unpatriotic to report without permission, especially in real time.      What about a college class?  Or more specifically, what about a college journalism […]

At Least It Will Be Easier Than Grafting a Rabbit’s Eye Onto a Man…

September 15- At a century old, an icon of student journalism faces an identity crisis.    The Columbia Missourian  at the University of Missouri, an extraordinary student newspaper publishing from within the country’s first school of journalism, turned 100 years old yesterday.  Its focus and financial backer for the next 100 are now up in the air.  The school-supported paper has been […]

“We’re trying to fix the ‘CMS Problem'”

September 14- A group of young journalists is taking on the most loathed-and-loved CMS behemoth in the student press: College Publisher.   CoPress, in the words of one of its founders, is “a network of journalists and students working at college publications trying to solve some of the technical problems with publishing online. What does […]

Take that Newspaper Death Watch!

September 13- A new Chronicle of Higher Ed report jump-kicks the recent spate of student newspaper doom-and-gloom coverage directly in the gut.    The financial state of the student newspaper universe is “fundamentally sound,” according to the Chronicle feature, which touched base with more than a dozen student editors, publishers, and ad managers nationwide.  A few of the core reasons […]

“Journalist-as-Superhero” in a New Media World

September 8: This just in: Journalism is not dead or dying, a Temple University j-prof writes for Philadelphia Weekly.  It is evolving.  And student journalists are at the center of the evolution.     “The future of journalism is uncertain,” G.W. Miller III admits in the PW cover story, “Stop the Presses.”  “The students of […]

Like a Fast Forward Film of a Flower in Bloom

September 6- Is it the start of an epidemic, a hiccup at fall semester’s start or an opportunity in the making?    Recently, a few higher-profile student newspapers have announced cutbacks from five to four print issues per week, in large part to save money.  Among the publications attempting to cash in on the four-for-five […]

Diamondback Scales Back Print Run

September 2: Five hundred fewer copies of The Diamondback student newspaper at the University of Maryland are being printed this semester, a move that the paper’s editor in chief attributes to the “declining advertisement revenues that relentlessly rattle the entire journalism industry.”      In an editorial published today, EIC Steven Overly writes, “I have […]