University of Scranton Student Paper Debuts New Site

Below is an editor’s video introduction to the new Web site for The Aquinas, the weekly student newspaper at the University of Scranton.  The site strikes a simple, easy-to-navigate chord on first scroll-through and it’s always nice to see a publication unafraid to break ranks with the student-Web-overlords College Publisher.    Also, be sure to click on […]

College Papers Not Immune to Economic Doom and Gloom

As I wrote in early October, “The story of the student press so far this semester: The existence of the first sustained crack in college print papers’ seeming invincibility to the online takeover and economic downturn.”   Since then, the economy has continued to collapse faster than Amy Winehouse’s career, prompting an unprecedented ad-revenue slowdown and […]

Students’ Questions About the Future of Journalism

I recently asked my news editing students here in Singapore: What is one question we should all be asking much more often about the current state or future of journalism?  In the age of j-reinvention, coming up with the right questions to ask seems as important as finding the right answers.  What question would you like to […]

The Cracks in College Media 2.0

In a new MediaShift post, Center for Innovation in College Media Director Bryan Murley writes that student newspaper Web sites have made leaps and bounds from their “little more than shovelware” days that were even as recent as three years ago.    It’s a thoughtful piece, reflecting on the proactive journalistic push and general happenstances […]

Journerdism’s Sullivan to Students: ‘Your Generation, Its Ability to Innovate Will Save Craft’

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Interactive Director and Journerdism blogger extraordinaire Will Sullivan writes with impressed gusto about the recent slate of Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker award-winners.

Election Post-Mortem: Beta Test for “Newsroom of the Future”

Hofstra University j-student extraordinaire Kelly Glista wrote a post-mortem for CMM about her experience covering the final presidential debate and election night in real time with the team at Hofstra’s NewsHub, a convergence-tastic newsroom-classroom.  (Here’s a video about its unveiling.)  Three new media maxims emerged to me on first reading: Take the leap and learn as […]

J-Student Helps Homeless With Workshops, Spare Change

As a blogger focused on Student Journalism 2.0 (or even 3.0!  Click here), the two most common words I type into posts: new media.  We’re all focused on the impact and uncertainty that the latest technology and tools hath wrought on the industry.   A bit of news brought to my attention by BU Today at Boston University allows […]

Daily Collegian Photographer Charged in Riot at PSU

First, just for fun, an announcement: I pen this post from Hong Kong, meaning I have now blogged about college media while in four countries (HK, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore).  I write this in the spirit of The Poynter Institute’s esteemed Al Tompkins, who notes with a smile at the start of a How to Vlog video he […]

“A 24 Hour Website About the School . . . We Call Home”

I’m starting the latest post in purple, in honor of the newest entrant into NYU’s collegemediatopia: NYU Local, “a 24 hour website about the school and the city that we call home.”     According to a MediaShift post by the one and only Alana Taylor, it came into being two months ago, as an […]

A Discussion About College Newspapers’ Present and Future

I recently gmail-chatted with Bryan Murley, the director of the Center for Innovation in College Media, about the good, bad, and ugly sides of the continued success of the college *print* newspaper specifically.   The discussion came at his request, partially as a follow-up to my recent posts about college print papers’ (at least temporary) invulnerability to the […]

Portrait of the Yearbook as an Old Man

According to its supporters, the college yearbook is about “making history” and having “your life encapsulated in pages that are always readable.”    Circa 2008, these pages of life are dying.  As CMM reported in September, the traditional print college yearbook is becoming a thing of the past.  The University of Texas student media director recently […]

Top Alligator Editor: “J-Students Are Jumping Ship”

Jessica DaSilva, the editor in chief of The Independent Florida Alligator and a fantastic j-student blogger, writes that recruiting staffers for the paper has suddenly become tough.   As she wrote in a blog post titled “How the State of the Industry is Affecting My College Newspaper“:    My hypothesis is that journalism students are jumping ship. They […]

J-Students: The Social Media ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-Nots’

UCLA Daily Bruin EIC Anthony Pesce was disappointed at the lack of practical advice and support provided by speakers, overseers, and his j-student peers at the 2008 ACP/CMA national conference (basically *the* annual get-together of U.S. j-students and the people who love them).    In a post for the MediaShift Idea Lab group blog, he […]

Online No Longer an “Ugly Stepsister” at Miscellany News

The Miscellany News has “entered into the next generation of online journalism,” according to its editor in chief in a recent piece for Inside Higher Ed.   The goal of the online transformation, the EIC wrote, was to shed the stigma of the paper’s online version as an “ugly stepsister” to the print edition:   On […]

Breaking News(y): Two Cool New Media Classes at Missouri

Students at Missouri University’s School of Journalism are currently enrolled in a pair of cool new media courses, courtesy of new MU J-School partner  The yet-to-be-launched site, founded by an MU alum, “offers an unprecedented global and macro point of view,” according to The Maneater student newspaper.  “The site collects video news from various […]