“I am the future of journalism because…”

As legend has it, the first words of advice from a famous author who once spoke at a student writer’s conference was simply: What are you doing here?  Why aren’t you at home writing? ——— It was in this spirit of jumping right in that at the close of the first session of an advanced reporting workshop I am […]

“Six of the best . . . student portfolio sites”

Journalism students’ best online portfolios, helping them get an internship or job. The buzzword now is branding.

Student Newspaper’s Return to Print Hailed as Step Forward

In late November, The Whalesong student newspaper at the University of Alaska Southeast renewed publication of its print edition after a two-year absence. ————— While the newspaper had continued to operate  online-only, student editor Laura Lemire told Capital City Weekly that the print resurgence is a real step forward: “This is something I’ve wanted for […]

Links for 2009-1-2

“This is Reality, checking in”: CoPress is being refreshingly transparent about the current limits to its college media CMS hosting plans. ————- “US college campus newspaper editors in Israel”: A brief snippet (third header down) about a fact-finding trip that will be incorporated into a documentary film. ————- “New Year’s resolutions for graduating journos”: A […]

links for 2008-12-25

“Campus gossip Web site tests freedom of speech”: One student’s take on the continuing Juicy Campus saga (Poughkeepsie Journal) ———– “Students see the possibilities”: A journalism professor writes about what keeps students joining J&MC programs (Miami Herald) ———– “College students learn records may be open, courtesy not a given”: A rundown of j-students’ experiences gathering […]

Missourian to Continue In Print, Drop Two Editions

The Saturday and Monday editions of The Columbia Missourian are being dropped to help reduce the newspaper’s heavy operating budget deficit, but the newspaper will continue in print. (A brief write-up and related podcast can be found here.) ———— The start of an open letter to readers from the paper’s exec ed: ———— The Columbia […]

CoPress Founder is the Future of Journalism

The Zapruder film.  The Paris Hilton sex tape.  The Charlie Bit Me YouTube phenomenon.  In contemporary world history, a few video recordings have risen above the rest, etching a permanent place in the public consciousness.  In my humble, college media-centric, only-slightly-sarcastic opinion, the Daniel Bachhuber Future of Journalism Livestream has now joined them. ————– ————– […]

What Can Student Journalists Learn from Time’s Rise in Popularity?

A recent survey on college students’ favorite brands revealed a surprising entry atop the magazine pile: Not People or Cosmo or Glamour or SI.  Instead, Time, a purveyor of (mostly) serious news with only a dash of sports, fashion, and celebrity thrown in. What can student journalists learn from their peers’ apparently unmatched love of […]

College Newspaper in Crisis: Alligator Staffers “Afraid for Our Futures”

As of late last week, no students had submitted an application to be the next editor-in-chief of The Independent Florida Alligator, a top-notch newspaper with a rich history. An Alligator article addressing the problem cited student concerns about long hours, low pay, overloaded responsibilities, outdated equipment in the newsroom, and a news media-wide “dip in […]

New York Times Article on College Radio Makes Me Mad

A recent New York Times article on how college radio has “maintain[ed] its mojo” in a new media universe makes me mad.  I have no problem with the focus of the piece.  College student radio stations definitely deserve a shout-out.  I just think the NYT piece suffers from numerous cliches of vision and arguments that […]

Official Stops Student Journalists from Blogging Due to NCAA Rules

This video explains much more comprehensively than I ever could the many, many, many, many reasons the NCAA rule severely limiting live blogging of college sports is crudely written, overreaching, and just plain dumb. ————- ————- As Just Journalism reported, a Wake Forest official warned Indiana Daily Student staffers live-blogging an IU-Wake Forest basketball game […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Cody Brown, NYU Local

Cody Brown is a journalism revolutionary. As publisher of NYU Local at New York University, “a 24 hour Web site about the school we call home,” Brown is aiming to “remove the distinction of who is a professional and who is a citizen and let everyone contribute in the same way, using their real names […]

New College Major: Equine Journalism!

A scoop from HorseChannel.com, “the website for horse lovers”: Wilson College in Pennsylvania has created a new academic major in … wait for it … equine journalism.    The report noted:   The bachelor’s in equine journalism combines instruction in equestrian studies, one of Wilson’s most popular majors, with instruction in conventions of journalism, including […]

All-In-One Website Combines Every Student Media Outlet

The student newspaper, magazine, yearbook, and broadcast news outlet at Indiana’s Franklin College have merged and converged into a single “comprehensive media experience.”     Yes, I think that description is a bit hokey too, but the idea behind the new all-in-one Web site, The Franklin Online, does raise an interesting question: Is there value in having student journalists at […]