The Campus Ledger cuts prints

Just in time for its 40th birthday, The Campus Ledger at Johnson County Community College in Kansas is going under the knife – it’s cutting print. When the paper returns in the fall, it won’t be paper, but it will be a new challenge for the students and staff involved. Nell Gross, editor in chief, […]

UC San Diego launches news outlet

When other schools are scaling back, students launch brand new digital newspaper

Students fighting cuts to yearbook

When the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors decided to cut funding for Nicholls State University La Pirogue yearbook, they got more than perhaps they bargained for. They got Hollyn Millet. Hollyn, a sophomore birth to 5th grade education major, has been serving as editor in chief of the 69-year-old yearbook and leading the […]

San Francisco State University launches The Fake News Watch

Kaylee Fagan spent years putting off the newspaper class required of her at San Francisco State University. She knew she wanted to do something different that didn’t fit with the traditional print product, so she was hesitant to take a class that required her to work at the student newspaper. When she finally signed up […]

Western Kentucky turns successful yearbook into even more successful magazine

Whenever college yearbook folks hear that another college yearbook is being cancelled or transitioned into something like a magazine or table top book, they get nervous. But when it was announced that the Western Kentucky University Talisman was transitioning, it was hard to be nervous when the students and professionals were so excited about what […]

Stop kidding yourself. Your audience scans print like they scan smartphones.

We call them “readers,” but they really don’t want to “read.” They want to scan. They believe that will be enough.

Time to Wake Up: Independent Student Newspapers are Struggling Financially

Student newspapers are struggling financially. The decade-long plights of the professional press have at last weaved their way into the land of collegemediatopia. If not quite a time of reckoning for campus papers, we have definitely entered a prolonged period of dramatic change– cutbacks, weary sighs, and hopefully some spirited reinventions. That is the gist of what I told Connecticut Post reporter Linda Lambeck late last week when contacted for a quote.

Her Campus Enjoys First Month of 1 Million Visitors; True Student Start-Up Success Story (@HerCampus)

Less than three years since its launch, Her Campus, the national culture and news site billed as the “collegiette’s guide to life,” is a millionaire. The site boasted 1.2 million visitors in February, its first month breaking that landmark amount. In an announcement about the feat, HC editor-in-chief Stephanie Kaplan wrote, “[W]e had over 1.2 million visits to during February– WOW! I mean, we knew you liked to spend time on your laptops, but… ;)”

UCONN’s Daily Campus in ‘Dire Straits’ Financially; Editor Writes SOS Letter to Students

Amid an ever-gloomier financial outlook, The Daily Campus at the University of Connecticut is apparently in serious danger of folding without an immediate increase in student fees support. In an open letter of sorts to UCONN students published on Huffington Post, the paper’s editor-in-chief Melanie Deziel outlines the crippling budget woes befalling the Campus and the many cutbacks staff have made in recent years to keep operations in the black. The piece’s headline: “SOS: Save Our Student Newspaper.”

‘Welcome to the Adventure’: Sierra Nevada College Students Discuss Challenges of Growing a Campus Paper

Eagle’s Eye student staffers at Sierra Nevada College are boldly producing journalism without precedent. The current incarnation of the biweekly campus newspaper is aiming to be much more hard-charging, professional, digital, and visually polished than any of its precursors.

Brigham Young University’s Daily Universe Going from Daily to Weekly in Print

In what has to be regarded as huge news within collegemediatopia, The Daily Universe at Brigham Young University will begin publishing its print edition weekly by the end of April “[a]fter decades of daily publication.” In the immediate sense, it means a quick shift to a “digital-first news lab format” and, sadly, impending layoffs for eight professional staff who help the paper.

For-Profit Student Newspapers: New College Media Trend?

Can the student press turn a profit?  Michael Westendorf says yes, and he operates a newspaper aiming to prove it. — The Saginaw Valley Journal is an independent paper covering Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University, an 11,000-student public school less than an hour’s drive from Flint.  The paper is a grand experiment of sorts– aiming […]

Median Salary for Journalism Majors: $50,000

Based on last year’s census data, the median salary for journalism majors now in the professional ranks: $50,000.  My first reaction: Wow, honestly, that is higher than I thought it would be. — According to a great Romenesko+ post summarizing Wall Street Journal data, “Journalism majors do slightly better than English majors in the job […]

Social Media 1.0: Many Student Press Outlets Still Getting Used to ‘Living Social’

Should our student reporters be allowed to respond to online comments about their stories?  Should the tone of our Twitter feed be uber-serious and objective or opinionated and even a bit snarky?  What should the blog affiliated with our outlet actually feature and how often should it be updated?  And should we spread our staff […]

Google+: A ‘Ghost Town’ or ‘Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’?

There is a web battle royale brewing over my PBS MediaShift post published yesterday afternoon in which I critique Google+ as a social networking hub / the Internet’s next big thing. — As I mention, “Google+ is dead.  At worst, in the coming months, it will literally fade away to nothing or exist as Internet […]