Valentine’s Day Special: Pitt News Publishes Annual Sex Edition (@ThePittNews #sex)

Macognone’s missive is a call-to-arms trumpeting the arrival of the latest Pitt News sex edition. Now in its fourth year, it has emerged as one of collegemediatopia’s most insightful and creatively-designed themed issues tackling sex and love.

Daily Kent Stater’s Doug Brown Reveals Administrative Cover-Up in $1 Million Donor Investigation

Early last month, Daily Kenter Stater enterprise reporter Doug Brown reported on the past legal troubles of Jason Cope, an alumnus who was preparing to donate $1 million to the Kent State athletics program and have the school’s basketball court named after him. Brown, a Kent State University journalism master’s student, dove into the story after the paper’s web editor received an email from a stranger with a one-sentence tip: ”Google Jason Cope v SEC.”

Campus Restroom at Harvard Law Named After UC Berkeley Professor Who Donated Money

In return for a recent $100,000 donation, Harvard University’s School of Law has named a restroom after a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. The Falik Men’s Room honors the prof. William Falik, whose last name Time Magazine confirms “is apparently pronounced exactly how it looks.” In a Daily Californian story on the unusual arrangement, Falik, a law school alum, confirmed the whole shebang was his idea: “I have a name that doesn’t go many places. I think it’s somewhat humorous to have my name outside of a men’s room.”

Daily Iowan Dance Marathon Coverage a Reporting Tour de Force

The Daily Iowan’s recent Herculean coverage of the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon was a real-time multimedia reporting tour-de-force. By the numbers: 300 man hours of planning and reporting by DI staff. 50 published stories, along with scores of photos, a slew of blog updates and tweets, and a slate of videos. Roughly 17,000 hits to the DI website during the 24-hour charitable event, apparently a record amount. And, of course, the most heartening number: $1.3 million raised by the marathon’s participants to help child patients treated at the university’s medical facilities.

Daily Tar Heel vs. Duke Chronicle: UNC-Duke Basketball Buzzer Beater (@DailyTarHeel @DukeChronicle)

As of dawn this morning, here are the main stories on The Daily Tar Heel and The Duke Chronicle websites recounting last night’s down-to-the-wire wowzer between Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

University of Buffalo Student Newspaper Anti-Tattoo Column Goes Viral, Prompts Hateful Feedback (#tattoos)

Over the past week, a column in The Spectrum student newspaper at the University of Buffalo criticizing women who get tattoos has gone massively viral. The piece has prompted a rash of well-reasoned retorts coupled with hate-filled rants. The column by UB student and Spectrum assistant news editor Lisa Khoury compares a tattoo on a woman to a “bumper stick on a Ferrari.”

Student Press Headline of the Day: ‘Sh*t I Do While My Cats Are Sleeping’

The winner of today’s edition of this recurring giggly headline feature is a candid topper to a story in The Daily Gazette about a Swarthmore College student’s hair dye regimen. As the header intones with snark-filled delight: “Shit I Do While My Cats Are Sleeping: Cray-Pas Hair Dye.”  My only quibble: No cats show up […]

Daily Nebraskan’s Biggest Story This Semester: A Bed Bug Outbreak!

A bed bug outbreak at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has prompted a subsequent swarm of criticism from students aimed at campus housing officials. A rash of stories and editorials in The Daily Nebraskan charges UNL staffers with failing to inform students in a timely manner about the growing infestation and instead spreading misinformation and even telling student RAs to lie to their residents.

‘Dumb F*ckers’ vs. ‘Director of Butt Licking’: Battle of the Student Newspaper Slips

In the immediate aftermath of the recent “dumb f*ckers” student newspaper snafu, a number of individuals within collegemediatopia mentioned that it reminded them of another high-profile, vulgar slip more than 15 years before. In the late 1990s, The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech University published a story that included a pull-quote using the words of a VT administrator. Yet, instead of her actual title, she was identified in the pull-quote as a “Director of Butt Licking.”

Student Press Story Headlines That Make Me Giggle #11 (@DailyCollegian #taxi)

The grand prize winner of today’s edition of this giggly headline feature is a headline topping what has to be called the attempted crime of the year, so far.  As the header to a well-written straight news story in The Daily Collegian reveals: “Student Faces Theft Charges After Attempting to Steal Taxi.”

Washington State’s Daily Evergreen Police #Tweetalong is Funny, Frightening (@DailyEvergreen #GoCougs)

This past weekend, Stephanie Schendel, the cops and courts reporter for The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University, tweeted live observations from a late-night ridealong with local police. Schendel has carried out several “tweetalongs” during the academic year, providing a glimpse of quirkier after-hours community goings-on with candor and quick wit.

After Giants Super Bowl Win, Columbia University Student Suggests ‘Let’s All Take the Day Off’

In the wake of the New York Giants come-from-behind Super Bowl win, Columbia Daily Spectator staffer Jim Pagels has a bold suggestion for Columbia University administrators: Declare Monday a school holiday.

The ‘Dumb F*ckers’ Fallout: 7 Lessons from the Student Newspaper Slip

In a recent late-night newsroom slip that has now been widely reported and mocked, The Suffolk Journal accidentally printed a sub-headline they undoubtedly immensely regret. In a story about a campus involvement fair, the Suffolk University student newspaper’s main headline simply dubs the event a success (with an explanation point). The sub-hed, however, states: “Even we had some dumb fuckers sign up!” Yikes.

Online Alcohol Course on ‘Called a Joke’ By Some Undergrads (#drinking @RedandBlack)

An online alcohol education course that incoming college students nationwide are required to complete is “ineffective and may actually encourage irresponsible drinking,” a new report in The Red & Black at the University of Georgia confirms.  (FYI The Red & Black is my favorite student newspaper in the solar system, if you cannot tell by […]

Student Newspaper Strip Club Headline Causes Controversy at Oklahoma State

A sexually suggestive headline sitting atop a recent article on the front page of The Daily O’Collegian has prompted an uproar on Oklahoma State University’s campus. As I previously posted, the OK State student newspaper topped a front page centerpiece about a new strip club opening near campus with the header: “Diamond in the Muff.”