Sex, Sharks & the Penn State Student Newspaper Archives (@DailyCollegian #Jaws)

Yet another reminder about the treasures that exist within old campus newspapers: The Daily Collegian business staff at Penn State recently stumbled across a pair of adjoining ads in a September 1975 issue that brought oral sex, sharks, Spielberg, and pornography together for probably the first and last time.

Want Mac Miller to Perform on Campus? Buy Condoms, Bake Cookies (@AlleghenyCampus @MacMiller)

Condoms. Blue Solo cups (not red, blue). Homemade cookies. Pop-Tarts. Socks. And soup. These items are among performer Mac Miller’s formal requests included in a contract for an upcoming concert at Allegheny College. As a recent Allegheny Campus report by Katie McHugh explains, the requests are part of Miller’s contractual rider.

The Art of the In-House Ad: Allegheny Campus Exploits Puppies, The Brady Bunch (@AlleghenyCampus)

Along with quality content, The Allegheny Campus at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College has recently been rocking out evermore innovative in-house/join-the-staff ads. Quirky and eye-catching, the ads serve a two-fold purpose: enticing students to potentially sign on and providing current staff with a bonding activity and sheer enjoyment.

Police Search for Suspects, Deem Attack on Bridgewater State Student Journalist a Hate Crime

A campus rally is planned for Tuesday at Bridgewater State University, in response to an alleged recent attack on an editor of the BSU student newspaper The Comment. As I previously posted, a pair of student-age individuals purportedly punched the Comment staffer out of anger over an opinion piece she wrote supporting gay marriage.

Student Press Love & Sex Stories: Open Relationships, Bras, Sex Crimes & Love Triangles (#sex)

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love. Open relationships, love triangles, sexual consent, sexy music, and the sexual side effects of so-called happiness drugs all make appearances. Happy Monday!

Student Press Front Page of the Week: The Meme Story Atop a Meme Story

In the Valentine’s Day edition of The Shorthorn student newspaper at the University of Texas at Arlington, the top story on the front page focused on the success of a UTA nursing’s petition drive in favor of a city public transportation system. The student’s name: Anthia Meme. The front page centerpiece just below the Meme story: a story about the online college meme phenomenon.

Bridgewater State Student Punched in Campus Parking Lot for Writing Opinion Piece Supporting Gay Marriage

The assistant editorial page editor of The Comment at Bridgewater State University was allegedly attacked earlier this week in a campus parking lot in response to an opinion piece she wrote supporting gay marriage.

College Media Mad Money #3: Where Do Students’ Recreation Sports Fees Go? (@TheLantern #sports)

Students at Ohio State University pay a combined $14 million in student fees each year that go toward funding OSU recreational sports, a recent report in The Lantern confirmed. How is that money spent exactly? Umm, well, OSU officials are not exactly sure. In an investigation that is almost stunning for the confusion it caused among admins., Lantern staff writers Thomas Bradley and Sarah Stemen were given numerous runarounds that boiled down to one basic sentiment: There is no current organized, itemized list outlining how the rec fees are spent.

Daily Illini Facing a Serious ‘Cash Crunch’: Roger Ebert Pitches In with Facebook Letter (@TheDailyIllini #UIUC)

The Daily Illini, the student newspaper at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is apparently facing a “cash crunch” so serious it may threaten its very survival. As Crain’s Chicago Business reports, “The newspaper’s nonprofit umbrella organization, Illini Media Co., is delinquent on its mortgage payments and owes $250,000 in back payments to its printer.”

College Media Mad Money #2: How Much is the Stuff in Students’ Backpacks Worth? (@CityCollegeNews)

Apparently, the adage is simple: It’s not the backpack, but what’s in it, that counts. A recent survey by staffers at City College News, the student newspaper at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, determined that students on average pack items into their backpacks daily that total more than $500. As CCN staff writer Nancy Humphys notes, “Losing a backpack with textbooks, a cellphone, laptop computer and wallet with cash, ID’s, bus card and credit cards can add up to a large financial loss to a student.”

College Media Mad Money #1: How Much of Your Students’ Meal Plans Are Wasted? (@DailyTarHeel)

A full quarter. One-fourth. 25 percent. As The Daily Tar Heel recently revealed in an wonderful, astounding report, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “25 percent of all meals bought through campus dining plans are wasted each semester.” In the write-up by Katie Quine, the high percentage prompts a student-admin. blame game: Students claiming they are forced into plans that almost force them to pay for excess food and the dining director arguing (as paraphrased by Quine) arguing that the “large percentage of unused meals can be attributed to students buying meal plans that don’t match their lifestyles.”

Student Photographer Tweets About Almost Getting Arrested in Iowa Covering Protests of Chinese VP Visit

Roughly a half hour ago, Mark Kauzlarich, the photo editor for The Daily Cardinal at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, tweeted that he had almost been arrested while covering the ongoing protests in Des Moines, Iowa, centered on a visit there by China’s Vice President Xi Jinping (hat tip to Carl Lavin). He is apparently working on a story appearing in tomorrow’s Cardinal, after traveling to Iowa by bus with members of a Tibetan community living in Madison.

Prediction: Fashion Journalism Will Soon Go Viral Within College Media (@CollegeFashion @DailyTarHeel #style)

My bold prediction: Fashion journalism will be the next niche to explode within collegemediatopia and j-programs nationwide. The immense popularity of the related industry, general student interest in the topic area, and the visual awesomeness of fashion that is uber-appealing in the multimedia journalism age will all spur a rise in related classes, minors, majors, grad programs, student newspaper features, full sections, and independent sites. One campus-specific style site that debuted this week:

The Art of the #Tweetalong: Daily Evergreen Reporter Explains Real-Time Reporting Experiment

This past academic year, Stephanie Schendel, the cops and courts reporter for The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University, has participated in occasional “tweetalongs.” During late-night ridealongs with local police, she has tweeted live observations, providing a candid, witty glimpse of quirkier after-hours community goings-on.

College Memes Mania Continues: Check Out My PBS MediaShift Rundown

College memes are suddenly invading the Facebook streams of students at schools throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. As The Cherwell, Oxford University’s student newspaper, explains, the meme is “an idea or behavior that spreads through a culture by imitation. Internet memes follow this principle, humorous images are copied and re-captioned, concisely describing or satirizing the activity of an individual or group.” Building on its burgeoning popularity in recent years on sites such as Reddit and 4chan and via viral creations like LOLcats and Rickrolling, the Internet meme has been rapidly and rabidly adopted by undergraduates since the start of last week.