“Journalist-as-Superhero” in a New Media World

September 8: This just in: Journalism is not dead or dying, a Temple University j-prof writes for Philadelphia Weekly.  It is evolving.  And student journalists are at the center of the evolution.     “The future of journalism is uncertain,” G.W. Miller III admits in the PW cover story, “Stop the Presses.”  “The students of […]

Dinosaurs like Quinnipiac’s President…

September 7: The Quad News debuted recently at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, committed to “the free flow of information on campus.”  It is an ideal to which Quinnipiac administrators failed to adhere.     Specifically, the independent online student newspaper sprang to life in the wake of increasingly combative administrative stances against the previously unchallenged […]

Like a Fast Forward Film of a Flower in Bloom

September 6- Is it the start of an epidemic, a hiccup at fall semester’s start or an opportunity in the making?    Recently, a few higher-profile student newspapers have announced cutbacks from five to four print issues per week, in large part to save money.  Among the publications attempting to cash in on the four-for-five […]

Should The Bulldog Be Put to Bed?

September 5: The fate of The Bulldog Weekly hangs in the balance.    The student newspaper at the University of Redlands in California currently has no editor, no faculty adviser, waning interest from student readers, and a call by the head of the school’s Associated Students group to cut funding.  The university’s vice-president and dean […]

We’re Not JUST a Student Newspaper!

September 4: Below is a portion of a spirited editorial in The Daily Egyptian at the University of Southern Illinois Carbondale that fights back against apparent misconceptions held about the paper.     While the piece explains that the newspaper is financially independent and does not provide negative coverage for its own sake, my favorite […]

Diamondback Scales Back Print Run

September 2: Five hundred fewer copies of The Diamondback student newspaper at the University of Maryland are being printed this semester, a move that the paper’s editor in chief attributes to the “declining advertisement revenues that relentlessly rattle the entire journalism industry.”      In an editorial published today, EIC Steven Overly writes, “I have […]

Progress in Police Report Access Fight

September 1- The Progress is making progress in its free speech fight.   The student newspaper at Eastern Kentucky University celebrated a bit of a breakthrough in its efforts to obtain access to full versions of university police reports. Currently, university police deliver reports weekly and withhold key information, including arrestees’ addresses, claiming invasion of […]

A Presidential Visit to the Newsroom

August 31- Indiana Daily Student staffers questioned their president today, and the kicker: He came to them.   Indiana University President Michael McRobbie visited the IDS newsroom and answered questions from editors. I just really like the precedent here. More university presidents should follow McRobbie’s lead. What do you think–once a semester or once every […]

Will They Literally Use Mace, Pepper Spray or Police to Subdue Him?

August 29: University News editors at St. Louis University in Missouri have weighed in via an editorial about the sad, intriguing, ongoing dispute between the newspaper’s former adviser and the university’s administration.   It is a complicated back-and-forth. The basics: Administrators have ordered longtime University News adviser, faculty member Avis Meyer, to stay out of […]

Were they really going to call it The Trumpet??!

August 27- Truly, what’s in a name? Would a student newspaper by any name be printed on ink just as sweet?   At Ashworth University in Georgia, the name of choice: The Chronicle. In an online contest, students selected Chronicle as the official moniker for the school’s first student paper set to debut this fall. […]

Please Let Us Know If You’ll Be Producing News This Weekend…

August 26- Over the weekend, Northern Light student newspaper staffers at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) were locked out of their newsroom.     The cause was not a censorious administration or an angry reader stunt. It was due to a university policy, one that limits access to the school’s student union (where the […]

From PR Tool to Actual News Outlet

August 20: In a recent interview, Peter Arrabal, incoming editor of The Minaret student newspaper at the University of Tampa, shared the secrets of the paper’s transformation from “PR tool” to “actual news” outlet.   A portion of the Q&A:   How did students receive The Minaret when you first joined the newspaper?   Arrabal: It […]

“A Wand to Conduct Some Thunder”

August 20: The modern student newspaper is both a “haven from the tempest” and “a wand to conduct some thunder.”   So says Washington City Paper at the start of an amusing, more-comprehensive-than-normal profile of six student newspapers in greater Washington D.C. One other portion worth sharing: “Real newspapers are losing readers by the minute, […]

Keanu Reeves Would Be Pissed

Aug. 19, 2008- The Matrix is not appearing right now at Macon State College in Georgia.     The ban is not on the Keanu Reeves movie (or its crappy sequels). The Matrix is the college’s student newspaper, shut down by administrators eager to create a media advisory board in the wake of tensions between […]

To Save or Delete? That is the Question

Aug. 19, 2008 – A Shakespeare-level drama is unfolding at Seattle Pacific University–minus an s.   About 10 years ago, SPU student Shakespear Farwythian was arrested for alleged sexual assault. He was suspended from school. The Falcon, the student newspaper, published a story about the incident. The charge was later dropped. The original Falcon story […]