Valentine’s Day Special: Pitt News Publishes Annual Sex Edition (@ThePittNews #sex)

Macognone’s missive is a call-to-arms trumpeting the arrival of the latest Pitt News sex edition. Now in its fourth year, it has emerged as one of collegemediatopia’s most insightful and creatively-designed themed issues tackling sex and love.

Daily Kent Stater’s Doug Brown Reveals Administrative Cover-Up in $1 Million Donor Investigation

Early last month, Daily Kenter Stater enterprise reporter Doug Brown reported on the past legal troubles of Jason Cope, an alumnus who was preparing to donate $1 million to the Kent State athletics program and have the school’s basketball court named after him. Brown, a Kent State University journalism master’s student, dove into the story after the paper’s web editor received an email from a stranger with a one-sentence tip: ”Google Jason Cope v SEC.”

College and University Meme Pages: A Starter Guide

As I confirmed in a post yesterday, campus-specific memes are suddenly invading the Facebook streams of students at schools nationwide. Building on its general popularity in recent years as a quick-hit form of entertainment and commentary, the Internet meme has gone explosively viral among the student set since the start of the month.

College Memes Madness: ‘Internet Picture Craze’ a Sudden Mega-Hit on Many Campuses

Campus-specific memes are suddenly invading students’ Facebook streams at schools nationwide. Building on its general popularity in recent years as a quick-hit form of entertainment and commentary, the Internet meme has gone explosively viral among the student set since the start of the month.

Chico State Student Newspaper Feature Focuses on Instagram (@TheOrion_com @Instagram)

In a recent front-page story, The Orion at California State University, Chico, focused on the odd, increasingly addictive practice of “edit[ing] everyday images to look old-fashioned.” The app that has made such immediate aging possible: Instagram. Its ease of use and convenient sharing capabilities have made it a huge hit since its launch, raising related questions about its relative artistic merits and the ethics of altering what has been snapped.

Campus Restroom at Harvard Law Named After UC Berkeley Professor Who Donated Money

In return for a recent $100,000 donation, Harvard University’s School of Law has named a restroom after a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. The Falik Men’s Room honors the prof. William Falik, whose last name Time Magazine confirms “is apparently pronounced exactly how it looks.” In a Daily Californian story on the unusual arrangement, Falik, a law school alum, confirmed the whole shebang was his idea: “I have a name that doesn’t go many places. I think it’s somewhat humorous to have my name outside of a men’s room.”

Daily Iowan Dance Marathon Coverage a Reporting Tour de Force

The Daily Iowan’s recent Herculean coverage of the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon was a real-time multimedia reporting tour-de-force. By the numbers: 300 man hours of planning and reporting by DI staff. 50 published stories, along with scores of photos, a slew of blog updates and tweets, and a slate of videos. Roughly 17,000 hits to the DI website during the 24-hour charitable event, apparently a record amount. And, of course, the most heartening number: $1.3 million raised by the marathon’s participants to help child patients treated at the university’s medical facilities.

Daily Tar Heel vs. Duke Chronicle: UNC-Duke Basketball Buzzer Beater (@DailyTarHeel @DukeChronicle)

As of dawn this morning, here are the main stories on The Daily Tar Heel and The Duke Chronicle websites recounting last night’s down-to-the-wire wowzer between Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

University of Buffalo Student Newspaper Anti-Tattoo Column Goes Viral, Prompts Hateful Feedback (#tattoos)

Over the past week, a column in The Spectrum student newspaper at the University of Buffalo criticizing women who get tattoos has gone massively viral. The piece has prompted a rash of well-reasoned retorts coupled with hate-filled rants. The column by UB student and Spectrum assistant news editor Lisa Khoury compares a tattoo on a woman to a “bumper stick on a Ferrari.”

Student Press Headline of the Day: ‘Sh*t I Do While My Cats Are Sleeping’

The winner of today’s edition of this recurring giggly headline feature is a candid topper to a story in The Daily Gazette about a Swarthmore College student’s hair dye regimen. As the header intones with snark-filled delight: “Shit I Do While My Cats Are Sleeping: Cray-Pas Hair Dye.”  My only quibble: No cats show up […]

Daily Nebraskan’s Biggest Story This Semester: A Bed Bug Outbreak!

A bed bug outbreak at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has prompted a subsequent swarm of criticism from students aimed at campus housing officials. A rash of stories and editorials in The Daily Nebraskan charges UNL staffers with failing to inform students in a timely manner about the growing infestation and instead spreading misinformation and even telling student RAs to lie to their residents.

‘Dumb F*ckers’ vs. ‘Director of Butt Licking’: Battle of the Student Newspaper Slips

In the immediate aftermath of the recent “dumb f*ckers” student newspaper snafu, a number of individuals within collegemediatopia mentioned that it reminded them of another high-profile, vulgar slip more than 15 years before. In the late 1990s, The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech University published a story that included a pull-quote using the words of a VT administrator. Yet, instead of her actual title, she was identified in the pull-quote as a “Director of Butt Licking.”

Student Press Story Headlines That Make Me Giggle #11 (@DailyCollegian #taxi)

The grand prize winner of today’s edition of this giggly headline feature is a headline topping what has to be called the attempted crime of the year, so far.  As the header to a well-written straight news story in The Daily Collegian reveals: “Student Faces Theft Charges After Attempting to Steal Taxi.”

Student Confessional Site TerpSecret: ‘Pour Your Heart Out. Or Just Talk Sh*t.’ (@TerpSecret #UMD)

The latest student-specific anonymous sharing site is TerpSecret. Geared toward University of Maryland students, the tagline states simply: “Pour Your Heart Out. Or Just Talk Sh*t. Whatever Works.”

Washington State’s Daily Evergreen Police #Tweetalong is Funny, Frightening (@DailyEvergreen #GoCougs)

This past weekend, Stephanie Schendel, the cops and courts reporter for The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University, tweeted live observations from a late-night ridealong with local police. Schendel has carried out several “tweetalongs” during the academic year, providing a glimpse of quirkier after-hours community goings-on with candor and quick wit.