Should Voting Totals from SGA Elections Be Public?

The Student Government Association at Butler University is refusing to release the full results from a recent SGA election, placing the organization at odds with the school’s campus newspaper and students favoring transparency. The fight raises an interesting question: How open should student governments be when releasing the results of its own elections?

How to Launch a Crazy Cool Student Newspaper Website Using WordPress (@BUPipeDream)

In my memory, I picture green. Dark green. A quick check on confirmed it. Until recently, the website for The Pipe Dream, the student newspaper at Binghamton University, was overrun with a green palate that hovered somewhere between grass and puke. Cue Daniel O’Connor.

Oklahoma Daily Pushes for Gender-Neutral Campus Housing in Special Front-Page Editorial

The Oklahoma Daily is leading the charge to bring gender-neutral housing to the University of Oklahoma. In today’s issue, the paper splashed a special editorial calling for the policy’s approval across its entire front page. As editor-in-chief Chris Lusk explained in a separate letter from the editor, “While a newspaper must inform, there are times when a newspaper must speak up for what’s right. . . .”

College & Cook Magazine Bringing Student Foodies Together; Interview with Founder Audrey Scagnelli

George Washington University sophomore Audrey Scagnelli once burnt the croutons she was toasting, triggering a fire alarm that led to a campus building evacuation. Embarrassed, the political communication major brought local firefighters who raced to the scene some raspberry napoleons. She also turned the experience into a magazine spread. Scagnelli is the founder and editor-in-chief of College & Cook…

Her Campus Enjoys First Month of 1 Million Visitors; True Student Start-Up Success Story (@HerCampus)

Less than three years since its launch, Her Campus, the national culture and news site billed as the “collegiette’s guide to life,” is a millionaire. The site boasted 1.2 million visitors in February, its first month breaking that landmark amount. In an announcement about the feat, HC editor-in-chief Stephanie Kaplan wrote, “[W]e had over 1.2 million visits to during February– WOW! I mean, we knew you liked to spend time on your laptops, but… ;)”

UCONN’s Daily Campus in ‘Dire Straits’ Financially; Editor Writes SOS Letter to Students

Amid an ever-gloomier financial outlook, The Daily Campus at the University of Connecticut is apparently in serious danger of folding without an immediate increase in student fees support. In an open letter of sorts to UCONN students published on Huffington Post, the paper’s editor-in-chief Melanie Deziel outlines the crippling budget woes befalling the Campus and the many cutbacks staff have made in recent years to keep operations in the black. The piece’s headline: “SOS: Save Our Student Newspaper.”

Blogger Criticizes Daily Iowan; Daily Iowan Hires Him

You have to love an editor who recognizes talent even when it’s spitting in his face. Last week, Adam B. Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Iowan at the University of Iowa, came across a local blog featuring an entire post and photo slideshow devoted simply to spotlighting the paper’s recent typos.

Eastern Illinois Student Newspaper: To Survive a Tornado, Lay in a Ditch, Play Dead & Tell ‘Wicked Story’

At the close of an otherwise perfectly solid editorial on tornado preparation tips published today, The Daily Eastern at Eastern Illinois University goes off the rails a bit. The concluding sentiment– a seemingly tone-deaf attempt at humor– has already gone mini-viral. Most prominently, it has earned a spot on the “WTF” section of Reddit: “In my school paper today…really? Wtf?”

Top San Fran Student Papers, The Golden Gate Xpress & The Guardsman, Join Forces to Cover Statewide Protest

Spurred by a protest, a pair of top-notch student newspapers in the city by the bay are collaborating. Beginning this morning, The Golden Gate Xpress at San Francisco State University and The Guardsman at the City College of San Francisco are joining forces to provide real-time, multi-platform coverage of the March in March, an organized statewide higher education budget cuts protest.

‘Welcome to the Adventure’: Sierra Nevada College Students Discuss Challenges of Growing a Campus Paper

Eagle’s Eye student staffers at Sierra Nevada College are boldly producing journalism without precedent. The current incarnation of the biweekly campus newspaper is aiming to be much more hard-charging, professional, digital, and visually polished than any of its precursors.

Linfield College Student Documentary ‘Tap That’ Exposes Alleged Ills of Bottled Water, Pushes for Campus Ban

Bottled water is bad. That is the thrust of the campaign Linfield College students Collin Morris and Annika Yates have been waging in an attempt to stop the product from being sold on the Oregon school’s campus. Inspired by the larger movement triggered by Food and Water Watch, the students have held events at Linfield attempting to educate students about the apparent wastefulness and pointlessness of buying something they can already get for free.

In Reporting Class, DePauw Professor’s Use of a Student’s Public Records Spurs Debate & an Investigation (#acpsea)

It has quickly become the most hotly-debated journalism lesson so far in 2012. Late last month in an advanced reporting class, a DePauw University visiting journalism professor passed out a student-athlete’s public records– including her social media profiles and documents related to a recent arrest– for a session on accessing documents. It has spurred complaints from some of his own students and a subsequent ongoing imbroglio with DePauw administrators.

College Media Adviser Meme: Monkeys, Moonwalks & Jesse Eisenberg (@billiakbar #acpsea)

The genius that is Bill DiNome was recently unleashed on a popular college media list-serv. The student media coordinator at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, premiered a new meme tackling the competing perceptions about the role of a college media adviser.

For the First Time, Black Students Serving as Editors-in-Chief of Oregon, Oregon State Campus Papers (#acpsea)

In Oregon, a state sporting “a black population of less than 2 percent,” student press history has recently been made. For the first time at either the University of Oregon or Oregon State University, a black student has been named editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper. Tyree Harris is EIC of The Daily Emerald at UO. Brandon Southward is the EIC of The Daily Barometer at Oregon State University. In the introduction to a new on-air interview, NPR called their respective appointments a landmark first.

Controversial ‘Cashmere and Pearls’ Letter in Smith College Newspaper Spurs Campus, Media Frenzy

A Smith College alumna’s letter to the editor published last week in The Sophian has triggered enormous campus debate and media gaper delays for its assessment of the school’s current student body. As Anne Spurzem, a 1984 graduate of the private Massachusetts liberal arts college, wrote, “The people who are attending Smith these days are A) lesbians or B) international students who get financial aid or C) low-income women of color who are the first generation in their family to go to college and will go to any school that gives them enough money. . . .”