Onward State Editor at Penn State Resigns After Mistaken Scoop About Paterno’s Death

Devon Edwards, the managing editor of Onward State at Penn State University, has suddenly resigned. The resignation comes hours after the online student news outlet mistakenly reported that former PSU head football coach Joe Paterno had died from lung cancer.

A Student Editor’s 24-Hour Video Game Experiment

Late last semester, Miles Parks decided to play video games for 24 hours straight. Or in his words, “I was going to sit and game and turn my cerebral cortex into applesauce.” The student at the University of Tampa (where I teach and advise), an admittedly light gamer, conducted the multi-player, multi-platform, multi-game experiment in part to better understand his many friends and classmates who “can sit down at one end of an evening and beat up bad guys until the sun rises.”

Student Press Tackles Religion: Prayer, Finding Faith, Monastic Living & Church-State Separation

The deadline is looming for UPIU’s latest freelance student reporting contest, which is seeking pitches for stories focused in some manner on religion. As the contest intro mentions, “Religion has been a major topic in the news lately. Religious tensions underlie many of the simmering conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Questions about women in leadership, homosexuality in church, and other ticklish topics led the headlines in 2011.”

Married Students: What Rights, Benefits Should Schools Provide Their Spouses? (@UWBrandingIron)

In a letter to the editor published in a recent issue of The Branding Iron at the University of Wyoming, a UW senior relates her “concern and irritation with the lack of support for married students on campus.”

Quad News at Quinnipiac Goes Dark in Protest of SOPA

The Quad News, an online student news outlet at Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University, went symbolically “dark” yesterday in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  While many college media pubs. wrote about yesterday’s wide-ranging web shutdowns, it appears the Quad News is the only student 0utlet to actually join the fight by also shutting down. […]

Sex and the University: A Sampling of Student Press Love & Sex Stories

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student newspapers nationwide directly tackling sex and love. Facebook dating etiquette, the hook-up culture, student singledom, BDSM, and anal sex all make an appearance. Happy Wednesday!

Classroom Wi-Fi Debate Roars to Life Once More, This Time at Yale

A mega-popular art history course at Yale University has far less students enrolled this semester in part due to the professor’s desire to teach in a Wi-Fi-free lecture hall, according to a recent Yale Daily News report.

Student Press Food Reports Touch on Veggies, Allergies & Gluten-Free Diets (@UATrav @ThePittNews @TheChrony)

Three recent college newspaper reports crossed my radar this morning for their focus on different facets of students’ relationship with food while on campus. The buzzwords at the heart of the pieces– which appear in The Pitt News, The Arkansas Traveler, and The Daily Utah Chronicle– include vegetarian, allergies, and gluten-free.

Have You Checked Your School’s Fire Extinguishers Lately? (@GSUSignal)

An interesting report worth emulating recently ran in The Signal at Georgia State University. The paper confirmed fire safety officer estimates that a quarter of the 7,000 fire extinguishers housed on campus are past due. As Signal staffer Tim Miller writes, “A spot check of fire extinguishers last week . . . in the parking garages and secluded areas of various buildings revealed expired extinguishers. . . . A more serious concern for administrators . . . is that students do not know where fire extinguishers are located or what to do in case of a fire.”

Mystery Prankster Announces Pretend Plans for a Yale Daily News Paywall

An unknown prankster recently wreaked a small bit of havoc– or at least stirred a passing headache– for The Yale Daily News staff.

College Media Week in Review: Kent State Reporting Buzz, Daily Universe Goes Weekly, ECU Fight Continues

A rundown of the more and less significant news impacting collegemediatopia over the past week. — — ‘Journalism Plus’ Program Officially Kicks Off at University of Colorado — — Student Press Story Headlines That Made Me Giggle #2 — — Library Fines at UK’s Leeds University Total More than $2.7 Million! — — West Virginia University Journalism […]

Sleep Texting a Growing Phenomenon Among Students

While they sleep, some students snore. Some dream. And a growing number text. Sleep texting has recently become a phenomenon worthy of attention in student and professional press circles. It has joined sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, and old-fashioned nightmares as one of the more common things that occur while undergrads and others are grabbing some shuteye.

Daily Evergreen at Washington State: ‘Why Being Back at School Sucks’ (@DailyEvergreen)

A fun new read on the website of The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University offers a top-five list reminding students why starting school again this semester stinks.  Among the reasons laid out by writer Amanda Guay are horrendous things like going to class, “waking up at typical human hours,” and being fashionable. — As […]

Latest Round in East Carolina Fired Director Fight: Release of Director’s Personnel Records

It took a bit more than a week. It hovered around the edges of it over the last few days. And now it has officially become not just a saga but a full-blown soap opera. My suggested title: The Fired and the Tactless. The latest bit of news in the continuing story of ousted East Carolina University student media director Paul Isom is a public sparring between Isom and the school over his personnel records.

Brigham Young University’s Daily Universe Going from Daily to Weekly in Print

In what has to be regarded as huge news within collegemediatopia, The Daily Universe at Brigham Young University will begin publishing its print edition weekly by the end of April “[a]fter decades of daily publication.” In the immediate sense, it means a quick shift to a “digital-first news lab format” and, sadly, impending layoffs for eight professional staff who help the paper.