“Campus Publications Face Cash Crunch” at Princeton

Who or what is truly to blame for the economic toil and trouble in collegemediatopia? —- A Daily Princetonian report notes that a number of student-run publications at the university are in various states of financial duress, the editor of one noting that the staff was “scrambling to accrue ad revenue.”  The four main reasons […]

Same Old Stories, Semester after Semester

As part of my research into the Singaporean student press, I have been conducting long-form interviews with every current and former Singaporean college journalist who matters.  The sitdowns so far have taught me some interesting truths about journalism in Singapore certainly, but even more than that they have revealed that certain tenets of college journalism […]

Barack Obama, College Journalist

More than 25 years before acceding to the most powerful position in all the land, Barack Obama was a student journalist with an anti-war bent.  In “Breaking The War Mentality,” a March 1983 piece for The Sundial, a weekly magazine at Columbia University, Obama embeds his own obvious anti-war outlook into a profile of a […]

More Sex, Sex, Sex in the Student Press

Sex has been the story of the student press for the past decade, for better and worse. Sex columns and sex issues in college newspapers and full-blown campus sex magazines have appeared with increasing regularity and as increasingly risqué at or near campuses nationwide and into Canada (and even India!). ————– ————– The newest student […]

What Can Student Journalists Learn from Time’s Rise in Popularity?

A recent survey on college students’ favorite brands revealed a surprising entry atop the magazine pile: Not People or Cosmo or Glamour or SI.  Instead, Time, a purveyor of (mostly) serious news with only a dash of sports, fashion, and celebrity thrown in. What can student journalists learn from their peers’ apparently unmatched love of […]

All-In-One Website Combines Every Student Media Outlet

The student newspaper, magazine, yearbook, and broadcast news outlet at Indiana’s Franklin College have merged and converged into a single “comprehensive media experience.”     Yes, I think that description is a bit hokey too, but the idea behind the new all-in-one Web site, The Franklin Online, does raise an interesting question: Is there value in having student journalists at […]

‘Jerk’ Just One of Many Student Mags at Syracuse

Jerk. Zipped. Schmooze. Verbal Seduction. Titles of just a few of the lucky 13 student magazines currently publishing online or in print at Syracuse University. 20 Watts is a quarterly music mag. What the Health, Healthy You, Black Voice, and The Out Crowd are somewhat self-explanatory.     My favorite on spec: Jerk, a “magazine […]

Better RED Than Dead?

It will focus on “everything college life.”  RED, a new, ambitious general-interest student magazine has launched at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with the promise, “You haven’t read a magazine until you’ve read RED.”     The founders pitch RED as a “central publication to the university.”  They aim to fill a niche, ironically, by focusing […]

Stitch, schmooze, and the Alternative Student Press

September 10: Where can you find the future of college media? How about on The Cold Side of the Pillow?   An array of student-run online and print outlets like Pillow are popping up in newsstands and Google searches worldwide, providing more alternatives than ever to that holiest-of-holy standby, the student newspaper. A feature in […]