New Q Magazine at Yale Celebrates Queer Experience

“Q is coming out!” This exclamatory greeting kicks off the press release announcing college media’s latest creation: Q, a lifestyle magazine produced by students at Yale University. — It premiered at Yale earlier this month, in the wake of a marketing blitz that included the distribution of 1,000 condoms on campus.  According to its publisher […]

Live from Louisville: “More Personal, In-Depth, and Not as Breaking”

Nighttime in downtown Louisville.  It has segued from crisp to cold- at least for a guy who’s spent the past few years in Singapore and Florida. — The nickname for Louisville, at least according to slogans I see everywhere, is “Possibility City.”  It is a nice backdrop for two other memorable sessions I attended today- […]

Live from Louisville: A News Design Revival of Sorts

The 89th annual ACP/CMA National College Media Convention is well under way in crisp, sunny Louisville.  A highlight of the morning sessions for me: a news design revival of sorts led by journalistic guru Michael Koretzky. — I’d heard stories from many others about his entertaining and unconventional convention presentations.   I can now say […]

In the Spotlight: Whitney Mountain, Editor in Chief, Flux, University of Oregon

A New Way to Groove.  A Celtic Pioneer.  Flirting with Fate.  Carving a Musical Niche.  Destination Surgery.  Definition of Crazy.  The headlines on its homepage merely hint at the eclectic excellence of Flux, a student news magazine at the University of Oregon focused on using words and visuals to “tell the untold, alternative stories of [the] […]

Sex and the University on Sale at Amazon Starting Today

In fall 2003, Kate Prengaman became “Sex.” She earned the nickname on the Ultimate Frisbee field, where participants often receive names based on a defining interest or characteristic. Prengaman’s teammates began calling her “Sex” during her freshman year at the College of William & Mary, not long after the debut of “Behind Closed Doors,” her […]

Story Ideas Week: “Stories of Stuff” (IU’s Inside Magazine)

This CMM series features a sampling of crazy cool, highly relevant or offbeat stories by student journalists that can be localized for different campus audiences- along with suggestions on ways to create and present that content. Next up… — Stories of Stuff — A 26-inch inflatable boat.  Creme brulee cooking lessons.  An earwax-removal training exercise. […]

Story Ideas: Hottest Freshmen Photo Spread and Profiles

At the start of fall, put out the call: Seeking model first-year students.  Amid the serious news, op-ed rants, and sports recaps, there is always room for some primping and posing.  Need proof?  Check out a recent feature run in Fifteen Minutes, Harvard Crimson‘s culture/lifestyle magazine, spotlighting Harvard’s “hottest freshmen.” — As its introduction states, “In […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Amina Elahi, Northwestern

In fourth grade, Amina Elahi’s teacher gave her a journal and told her simply, “You write very barebones. You need to learn how to write.” More than a decade later, the current Northwestern University senior is a writer, editor, and designer extraordinaire, overseeing a prominent magazine aimed at highlighting contemporary trends and issues impacting the […]

Georgetown Voice Helps Start High-Profile Snowball Fight

When is a snowball fight also a social media revolution? On a wintry day in Washington D.C., one ambitious George Washington University undergraduate employed Twitter and The Georgetown Voice student newsmagazine to help spread the word about a snowy battle “that would eventually be referenced in one way or another by the Washington Post, LA […]

Syracuse University Dining Halls Now Open to All Servings of the Student Press

The dining halls at Syracuse University are at long last deliciously free of student press censorship.  A report in the SU’s Daily Orange (via Paper Trails) confirms the reversal of a long-held policy by the school’s Food Services allowing distribution of only the Orange in student dining halls.  Food Services staffers did not have a problem with competing pubs, […]

In the Spotlight: Cameron Henderson, Publisher, Northwestern Art Review

Eight Northwestern University students. A “cheap pizza joint.” Spirited conversation about a shared love of art and architecture. An idea for a publication whose aim would be nothing less than to “provide a forum for greater exchange among an expanding community of students who devote their time to studying, thinking and writing about art.”  The Northwestern […]

Most Impressive College Media Startup, Fall 2009

This is the second installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Most Impressive College Media Startup: College News Network College News Network is a nationwide student press content-sharing service that Ohio University duo Ryan Dunn and Ryan Hendricks launched for just $17 in the wake of […]

Minnesota Students Capture an American Dream in Flux, Online and in Print

More than 30 students at the University of Minnesota spent the past semester in FLUX. They created a printerrific, Webtastic class project on steroids, documenting the changing nature of the modern American dream via a full-color magazine and accompanying Web site. — — As a letter from editor in chief Katie Pelton shares: — If […]

26-Year-Old Harvard Alum Named New Yorker Managing Editor

Journalism neophytes and dedicated students take heart, all hope is not lost. Yes, jobs may be shedding.  Predictions of demise may be looming.  As you talk about your journalism passions, your parents’ eyes may be rolling.  But with the right training, and a stint in Paris (OK, and a Harvard degree), you too might be […]

Should Marijuana Column Stay or Get Off The Pot?

A marijuana-themed column chiseled together by an admitted student stoner since fall 2008 in The Tufts Observer has the magazine’s public editor (journalistically) paranoid about the precedent.   — “Going Green,” a column about pot, potheads, pot culture, and the pot legalization fight, is a regular Observer feature, written by a Tufts student using the pseudonym Reggie Hubbard and […]