Western Kentucky turns successful yearbook into even more successful magazine

Whenever college yearbook folks hear that another college yearbook is being cancelled or transitioned into something like a magazine or table top book, they get nervous. But when it was announced that the Western Kentucky University Talisman was transitioning, it was hard to be nervous when the students and professionals were so excited about what […]

Rochester Student Magazine Changes ‘F-ck Cats’ Cover of April Fools’ Issue at Request of School Officials

Editors of Reporter magazine at Rochester Institute of Technology removed the phrase “F-CK CATS” from the cover of its upcoming April Fools’ edition yesterday at the urging of school administrators. After the change, other portions of the already-printed issue– traditionally renamed Distorter– were trashed as well.

College & Cook Magazine Bringing Student Foodies Together; Interview with Founder Audrey Scagnelli

George Washington University sophomore Audrey Scagnelli once burnt the croutons she was toasting, triggering a fire alarm that led to a campus building evacuation. Embarrassed, the political communication major brought local firefighters who raced to the scene some raspberry napoleons. She also turned the experience into a magazine spread. Scagnelli is the founder and editor-in-chief of College & Cook…

Ball Bearings Magazine Story: ‘A Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss’; An Interview with Ball State J-Student Lindsey Gelwicks

In the photo, the two college students from Indiana are leaning toward each other, eyes locked amorously, lips puckered in anticipation– and hands blocking their mouths. The odd last detail is a playful symbol of the couple’s vow to save their first kiss until after marriage. The image ran alongside a recent report in Ball Bearings Magazine at Ball State University focused on the small segment of students who have pledged to refrain from kissing until their wedding day, even as hook-ups and half-night stands take place in bars and dorm rooms all around them.

A Second Printer Rejects LSU’S Legacy Magazine Due to Sexual Fantasy Feature; Interview with Editor Emily Slack

A second printer has refused to publish the latest issue of Legacy Magazine at Louisiana State University because of its concerns about a story on student sexual fetishes. In a podcast chat with me this morning, Legacy editor-in-chief Emily Stack outlines the now-weeklong saga surrounding an article set to run in its upcoming issue.

Claremont McKenna Student Magazine Breaks Stories About College’s SAT Manipulation Scandal

The Claremont Port Side, a student newsmagazine at California’s Claremont McKenna College, has earned national attention and New York Times shout-outs this past week for its spirited coverage of an SAT score-fixing scandal. On Monday, Claremont McKenna’s president informed students that an administrator had been regularly inflating student SAT scores presumably to help the school’s placement in numerous national higher ed. rankings.

‘Best of Collegiate Design’: Ideas for Student Newspapers, Magazines, Yearbooks, Websites

The winners of CMA’s annual “Best of Collegiate Design” competition have been announced and are now featured in all their colorful, creative glory in a nearly 150-page booklet

Student Photographer Arrested at Occupy Rochester Protest in New York

A student journalist at the Rochester Institute of Technology was arrested Friday evening while covering the Occupy Rochester protest in New York. — Jonathan Foster, a staff photographer for RIT’s weekly student magazine Reporter, was returning to the protest park after grabbing a pen from his car when police grabbed him.  His detainment was part […]

Georgia’s Red & Black Student Newspaper Premieres First Magazine Edition Online

As part of its dramatic transformation, The Red & Black at the University of Georgia launched a monthly magazine edition this semester known simply by the punctuation mark &.  The first issue of the 32-page full-color glossy mag unveiled itself in print a few weeks back, according to faculty adviser Ed Morales, but made its […]

Journalism & Media Conferences: Top 11 to Attend in 2011-2012

Note: Check out my updated 2012 list — — A recent college graduate emailed me last week requesting a list of journalism and media conferences worth attending.  It is a fantastic question. — Below is a list of what I consider to be the most indispensable national-level get-togethers for those who are practicing, teaching, and […]

Free Speech, the N-word, and an Orientation Issue Come to a Head at NC State

The second college media controversy of the summer centered on an orientation issue has surfaced at North Carolina State University.  According to a Student Press Law Center report, NC State administrators first temporarily pulled and then later covered up a portion of a student newsmagazine that innocently contains a racial epithet. — Late last week, […]

Kent State Student Magazine Deemed Too Sexual, Vulgar for Publication by 3 Ohio Printers

A trio of Ohio printing companies recently “refused to publish“ the latest issue of a student LGBTQ magazine at Kent State University due to content they deemed overly sexual and vulgar. — Fusion, sporting the tagline (and the web address) “That Gay Magazine,” focuses on “sexual minority issues within the general university population.”  According to […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Alexandra Churchill, University of New Hampshire

Alexandra Churchill loves ballet, summertime camping trips, espresso shots, James Dean, and the smell of old books.  The junior j-student at the University of New Hampshire has been in the book publishing business for almost her entire two-decade existence. — “I heard once that Stephen King used to sell his fiction stories to classmates in […]

Facebook, Carrie Bradshaw & the Student Sex Column Boom

Late last week, I appeared as a featured guest on “RadioActive!”, a public affairs program on Salt Lake City’s KRCL.  The topic of discussion: students and sex, sex, sex, with some student press controversy thrown in. — Thanks to the power of a paid Skype account, I chatted from Singapore (where I’m leading some j-workshops […]

Alcohol Ads and the Student Press: An Uneasy Relationship

At the dawn of yet another new year and a few weeks away from the start of yet another semester, one timeless collegiate tradition holds steady: student consumption of alcoholic beverages. — Drinking is as much a part of the undergraduate experience as spring break trips, summer internships, and sleeping through 8 a.m. classes.  And […]