Student Newspaper Headline Involving Gamecocks: Playful or Sexually Offensive?

A front-page headline in The Patriot at Francis Marion University celebrating the FMU baseball team’s upset win over the South Carolina Gamecocks recently earned the attention of the wider web. The full header… “Patriots Beat Cocks: Team christens new stadium with win over Division I champions.”  What do you think– innocently exuberant or knowingly sexual?

Amid College Newspaper Carnage, Why I’m Still in Favor of April Fools’ Editions

In recent years, the fallouts from student press April Fools’ editions have ratcheted up– or maybe it just seems that way due to social media.  Regardless, I strongly believe in the usefulness and power of these special issues.  When done right, they can start much-needed conversations, trigger university-wide belly-laughs, and memorably point out all manner […]

Daily Tar Heel Editor Selection Process at UNC Used to Be Insane

It reads like a mix between “Hunger Games” and “Survivor.” Apparently, in the past, students vying for the position of Daily Tar Heel editor-in-chief at the University of North Carolina had to run in a CAMPUS-WIDE election similar to a student government vote. A new article in the DTH commemorating the 20-year-mark since this process ended outlines a bevy of problems with this “John Carter”-sized #epicfail. The paper’s general manager says simply about his memories of that time: “It decimated the staff.” The words nightmarish and popularity contest also appears in the piece.

Oklahoma State Student Senate to Daily O’Collegian: Allow SGA Members to Write for the Paper (@OColly)

In a short, spirited column appearing in today’s Daily O’Collegian at Oklahoma State University, opinion editor C.J. Cavin is forced to reassert a longstanding rule at the paper: Members of the school’s student government are not permitted to serve on staff. — Late last month, the OSU student senate passed legislation stating that SGA members […]

Purdue Professor Under Fire Charges Student Newspaper with Anti-Semitism

A professor under fire at Purdue University Calumet is now charging the school’s student newspaper with anti-Semitism. The gist: PUC political science professor Maurice Eisenstein has been allegedly spouting uber-offensive comments about Muslims and other groups for years in class and on his Facebook page.

In Reporting Class, DePauw Professor’s Use of a Student’s Public Records Spurs Debate & an Investigation (#acpsea)

It has quickly become the most hotly-debated journalism lesson so far in 2012. Late last month in an advanced reporting class, a DePauw University visiting journalism professor passed out a student-athlete’s public records– including her social media profiles and documents related to a recent arrest– for a session on accessing documents. It has spurred complaints from some of his own students and a subsequent ongoing imbroglio with DePauw administrators.

Iowa State Daily Drops Regular Print Feature After Racist Slang for Asians Published (#acpsea #ISU)

Roughly a week after accidentally printing a racist slang for individuals of Asian descent, The Iowa State Daily is apologizing and dropping the regular print feature in which it was included. On the “games page” of each ISD issue, editors regularly run “Just Sayin,'” comprised of “reader submitted quotes, quips and anything that may have been overheard on or off campus.”

Student TV Comedy Sketch ‘Rape is Funny’ Triggers Major Criticism, Protests at UCONN

A rape parody sketch that aired earlier this week on an independent student-run television station at the University of Connecticut is spurring massive campus controversy and growing media attention. The production– which I’ve seen referenced by the titles “Rape is Funny” and “Evil Blue Light”– ran during a comedy program on UCTV called “Shenanigans.” It was also featured on UCTV’s website like all other programming.

The ‘Dumb F*ckers’ Fallout: 7 Lessons from the Student Newspaper Slip

In a recent late-night newsroom slip that has now been widely reported and mocked, The Suffolk Journal accidentally printed a sub-headline they undoubtedly immensely regret. In a story about a campus involvement fair, the Suffolk University student newspaper’s main headline simply dubs the event a success (with an explanation point). The sub-hed, however, states: “Even we had some dumb fuckers sign up!” Yikes.

Student Newspaper Strip Club Headline Causes Controversy at Oklahoma State

A sexually suggestive headline sitting atop a recent article on the front page of The Daily O’Collegian has prompted an uproar on Oklahoma State University’s campus. As I previously posted, the OK State student newspaper topped a front page centerpiece about a new strip club opening near campus with the header: “Diamond in the Muff.”

Yale University Patrick Witt Scandal: 10 Questions About the Yale Daily News & New York Times Decisions

The Yale University-Patrick Witt scandal debate is an absolute inferno at the moment in the lands of college and media. It has the public in an online commenting tizzy. It has pitted current and former members of the Yale Daily News against one another in a very public, cringe-worthy way. And it has sharply divided journalists at the country’s top two professional newspapers.

Fallout at Yale Daily News Over Star Quarterback Sexual Assault Story

A Yale Daily News editor has gone public with distressingly significant complaints about an alleged decision by top YDN staff to hold a bombshell story about sexual assault accusations made against the university’s star quarterback. The former quarterback Patrick Witt had been hailed as a hero this past fall for an all-around awesome pedigree that earned him a Rhodes Scholarship finalist interview– which he turned down to lead Yale in a rivalry game against Harvard.

Debate at Missouri’s School of Journalism: Should Students Be Allowed to Work for Multiple Media Outlets?

A public debate is currently playing out among some profs, alums, and students within the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism centered on a student press conflict of interest. The basic question at the debate’s core: Should students be allowed to work for multiple, possibly competing campus media at the same time?

The Onward State Joe Paterno Death Error Saga: The Complete Storify

In the wake of the Onward State Joe Paterno death error saga, I have put together a Storify providing a full listing of relevant links that collectively lay out the gist of what happened and the larger lessons we can hopefully all take away. The hope is that it might be a helpful resource for j-students, student media staffers, and their advisers and profs.

Onward State Founder Explains ‘What Happened Last Night’ with Paterno Death Mistake

In a post shared this morning, Onward State founder and general manager Davis Shaver candidly explains how the Penn State student news outlet mistakenly reported Joe Paterno’s death prior to its actual occurrence. According to Shaver, the error seems to have been caused by a pair of deceitful happenings in rapid succession: a hoax email from a supposedly high-ranking PSU official and a dishonest Onward State reporter.