Daily Iowan Columnist: Snapchat-Era Students May One Day List ‘Talking’ as a Résumé Skill

Columnist: “Kids my age have been growing up with … Snapchats instead of face-to-face conversations.”

Wyoming Student Writer Reflects on 9/11, Patriotism & Death Threats Over an Op-Ed

Student: “Mask[ing] our pain with patriotism is … disrespectful to those who died 13 years ago.”

Nebraska Student Columnist: News Media Ignoring Christian Genocide in Middle East

Column’s lede: “Christians are being murdered all over the world & no one seems to be talking about it.”

Baylor Student Journalist: Forget Facebook & Emoji Mania; ‘I Believe in Writing Letters’

In Baylor Lariat column, she confirms, “I love the roll of a ball-point pen over paper.”

College Media Geeks: Christian Lee, Student Photojournalist Who Covered Ferguson Riots

Lee: “In a nutshell, it was a complete war zone.”

College Media Geeks: Jonathan Black, Editor-in-Chief, The Pendulum, Elon University

Black’s take on running student paper: “It’s like having a child.”

College Media Geeks: Shaheer Shaheen, Founder, Egypt’s ‘Nationwide Student Paper’

At the moment, The Insider may be the country’s most powerful student news outlet.

College Media Geeks: Bobby Blanchard, journalism student, University of Texas

Blanchard: “[T]his is the best time in history to be entering journalism.”

College Media Geeks: Reid Laurens, former WRAS staffer at Georgia State University

Laurens: “WRAS … is arguably the foremost college radio station in the country.”

College Media Geeks: Candace Baltz, Student Media Director, Washington State University

Baltz on WSU paper: “We’re not aiming to be digital-only or digital-first, but digital-different.”

College Media Geeks: Katie Maraghy, Student Morning Show Executive Producer at Elon

On spec, Maraghy is the perfect person to start a morning show from scratch.

College Media Geeks: Jim Rodenbush, Outgoing Daily Collegian News Adviser at Penn State

His advice to next adviser: “You’ll be a teacher, mentor, confidant, friend, crazy uncle — you name it.”

College Media Geeks: Sarah Kirkpatrick, Outgoing Daily Free Press Editor-in-Chief at BU

Her take on student newspaper work: “[Y]ou have to be on call 24/7 … it’s a job in addition to classes.”

College Media Geeks: Jennifer Waits, College Radio Reporter & Advocate

Waits: “There’s something compelling about running your own radio station.”