College Media Geeks: Ryan Weier

Photographer captures the spirit of ‘The Traveling Man’ and the Class Favorite Award in the Dallas Photo Shoot-Out

College Media Geek: Andrew Grottkau, Rice University

Mechanical engineer shows he’s got what it takes to cover sports

College Media Geeks: Kavahn Mansouri, Webster University

Editor’s note: For many in college media, the end of the fall semester represents a break from the classroom and the newsroom. But for at least one editor in chief, December meant graduation and handing over the reins. Kavahn Mansouri is the outgoing editor in chief of The Journal at Webster University in suburban St. […]

College Media Geeks: Emily Bloch, Florida Atlantic University

She battles bad writing, plagiarists and zombies and freelances on the side

College Media Geeks: Lisa Khoury, Award-Winning Journalist & U. of Buffalo Alum

Khoury’s advice: “First thing’s first, get involved in your school newspaper or newscast. Then, nail a beat.”

College Media Geeks: Brandon Zenner, Editor-in-Chief, Northwest Missourian, Northwest Missouri State University

Zenner’s take: “You do not have to go to the biggest school to become the best journalist.”

College Media Geeks: Cassie Sheridan, Living Editor, The Beacon, University of Portland

Sheridan: “I think that journalism, as with most things, requires you to completely throw yourself in.”

College Media Geeks: Steffi S. Lee, Editor-in-Chief, The Simpsonian, Simpson College

Lee’s advice: “Don’t be afraid to mess up and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.”

College Media Geeks: Marisa Iati, Notre Dame Alum & Reporter

Iati: “View everything around you as stories waiting to be told and seek out new angles on familiar topics.”

College Media Geeks: Kyle Plantz, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Free Press, Boston University

Plantz: “Journalism isn’t dying. There will always be a need for journalists to report on what’s happening.”

Plus-Size Student Fashion Blogger Embraces Fat Acceptance Movement

Natalie Craig: “I’ve always encouraged everyone to start a blog, no matter what shape or size they are.”

‘Not Just a Penn State Problem’: Three Years After Sandusky Scandal, PSU Student Shares Powerful Story of Emotional & Mental Abuse

Student writer confirms: “It is something I have battled for a long time. It doesn’t just go away.”

College Media Geeks: Cameron Austin, Editor, The Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech

Austin: “Don’t choose your school based on how well-known their journalism program is.”

College Media Geeks: Taylor Carlier, Comm. Coordinator, Society of Professional Journalists

In her words, “I didn’t choose journalism for the money. I chose it to make a difference.”

Alleged Rape & the Unnamed Frat: Evergreen Editor at WSU Breaks Down Tough Ethics Call

Editor’s advice: “Trust your ethics. … [R]ealize you have more training than your readers.”