Covering Trump

The staff of the Iowa State Daily worked until the early hours of the morning on Election Night. They soon learned that their coverage of Donald Trump’s victory was just getting started.

A new Focus

Months after losing their newspaper, UCF student journalists move on with new, independent website

Breaking down breaking news

Editors from Ohio State University’s student-run newspaper talk about initial reactions and lessons learned from reporting on an attack on their campus.

College Media Matters to relaunch

It has been more than a year since college media lost one of its great champions. Dan Reimold covered college media with care, depth and positivity. Through his website, College Media Matters, he highlighted the amazing work of college media, shone the spotlight on its leaders and championed for innovation. His passing has left a […]

How I Got the Job: 7 Questions Answered About Becoming a TV Reporter

San Diego TV reporter shares his path to professional media

Are Student Media Still on Instagram?

Student media coordinator: “I’m wondering if Snapchat is passing/has passed Instagram by. Maybe more time should be focused there.”

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Why Should Students Still Study Journalism Given the Sorry State of the News Industry? Here is the Perfect Answer via 1 Chart & a 90-Second Clip

Journalism, more than ever, is now everywhere, impacting the way the world is being shaped and seen, inside and out.

20+ Examples of Inspirational Journalism

Student editor: “I’m always inspired by seeing what other student journos are doing.”

New Mexico State Student Media Reinvention: After 100+ Years as a Newspaper, Is Switch to Monthly Magazine the Right Move?

The paper’s outgoing adviser: “I’m not sure how a magazine, after more than 100 years of having a newspaper on campus, will meet the demands of the students.”

What Happened When UVA’s Student Newspaper Told Its Former Staffers We Need $55,000 ASAP

Hint: There’s a happy ending, at least for now.

Tough Times & Big Changes for Virginia Tech Student Media

“The company’s revenues have dropped each year, from a high of $995,656 in 2008 to a low of $428,457 last year.”

30+ Pieces of Essential Advice for Every Student Journalist

Example: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially the stupid ones.”

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College Media Podcast: Claire Smith, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Texan, U. of Texas at Austin

Claire Smith is a rising senior at the University of Texas at Austin and the editor-in-chief of The Daily Texan student newspaper. She previously served the paper as a senior columnist and copy editor. For this edition of the College Media Podcast, recorded last week at the University of Georgia during the annual Management Seminar […]