Please Let Us Know If You’ll Be Producing News This Weekend…

August 26- Over the weekend, Northern Light student newspaper staffers at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) were locked out of their newsroom.     The cause was not a censorious administration or an angry reader stunt. It was due to a university policy, one that limits access to the school’s student union (where the […]

Sex, Dirty Loos, and a Rat in the Canteen

August 24- The newspaper is still less than a year old, but it is already making a difference. The DU Beat, an independent student newspaper begun in December 2007 at Delhi University in India, has the school’s students and staffers talking with a range of innovative, in-your-face content. The most popular offering: “Ask Sex Amma,” […]

The One U@MQ Doesn’t Want Me to Blog About

August 22: A sex guide presented by the Pope. A photograph of half-naked women in a bathtub with tubas. A description of childbirth as “excruciating.”       These items are only a few examples of what caused an apparently drawn-out fight between the Speculum student newspaper and the controller of their purse-strings, the U@MQ […]

From PR Tool to Actual News Outlet

August 20: In a recent interview, Peter Arrabal, incoming editor of The Minaret student newspaper at the University of Tampa, shared the secrets of the paper’s transformation from “PR tool” to “actual news” outlet.   A portion of the Q&A:   How did students receive The Minaret when you first joined the newspaper?   Arrabal: It […]

“A Wand to Conduct Some Thunder”

August 20: The modern student newspaper is both a “haven from the tempest” and “a wand to conduct some thunder.”   So says Washington City Paper at the start of an amusing, more-comprehensive-than-normal profile of six student newspapers in greater Washington D.C. One other portion worth sharing: “Real newspapers are losing readers by the minute, […]

Keanu Reeves Would Be Pissed

Aug. 19, 2008- The Matrix is not appearing right now at Macon State College in Georgia.     The ban is not on the Keanu Reeves movie (or its crappy sequels). The Matrix is the college’s student newspaper, shut down by administrators eager to create a media advisory board in the wake of tensions between […]

To Save or Delete? That is the Question

Aug. 19, 2008 – A Shakespeare-level drama is unfolding at Seattle Pacific University–minus an s.   About 10 years ago, SPU student Shakespear Farwythian was arrested for alleged sexual assault. He was suspended from school. The Falcon, the student newspaper, published a story about the incident. The charge was later dropped. The original Falcon story […]

Will They Harvest Blogs and Webcasts?

August 18- Even the name just sounds cutting-edge: the Center for Media Innovation and Research.   The Center debuts this fall at the University of Florida, under the direction of veteran journalist David Carlson. And Carlson and administrators describe it using a different moniker: a media farm. “We won’t raise vegetables,” Carlson told a university […]

PR, a Superficial Fix, and Not a Fix at All

August 18- Both high school and college educators in California who back student journalists’ free speech rights will hopefully soon have legal backing of their own to call upon when needed.   As the Student Press Law Center reported, Senate Bill 1370, originally dubbed the “Journalism Teachers’ Protection Act,” has passed the state Assembly and […]

‘Around the World, All-Day, Every Day’: Spectator at MUW Set to Go Online-Only

June 23- The Spectator, the student newspaper at Mississippi University for Women, will all but abandon newsprint for the World Wide Web beginning in the fall. When the semester starts, the paper will begin publishing online only. Staff will roll out print only for special occasions.  The reasons for the switch, according to faculty and administrators: making […]