Campus Newspaper Files Lawsuit Against College, Says Officials ‘Intimidate & Harass Student Journalists’

The suit alleges in general that various actions by school officials “amount to censorship by intimidation.”

Editor to Student Newspaper: ‘Thank You for Giving Me a Front-Row Seat to a Hell of a Year’

Sample snippet: “Thank you for giving me a place to screw up pretty badly and learn from the mistakes.”

Student Advice Columnist at U. of Kansas Helps Undergrads Navigate ‘Whirlwind of College Life’

Columnist’s take: “We’re college kids. For the most part we just want the answer and we want it now.”

College Media Geeks: Lisa Khoury, Award-Winning Journalist & U. of Buffalo Alum

Khoury’s advice: “First thing’s first, get involved in your school newspaper or newscast. Then, nail a beat.”

5 Standout Student Press Stories: Pregnancy, Police Scanner, OCD & Paid Cuddling

A rundown of some especially impressive, engaging, intense and offbeat college media work.

Former Student Newspaper Editor at American U. Talks Journalism, Washington D.C. & Nutella

The Eagle crew will remember Heather Mongilio for her leadership, a mobile app & and a dessert.

Journalism Lesson #1: Go Abroad NOW (Your Future Journalism Self Will Thank You)

I promise, the biggest roadblocks are not financial or language-based. They’re in your head.

College Media & the Newsroom: ‘Why Do We Need Face Time When We Can Just FaceTime?’

Daily Texan editor: “I absolutely love our newsroom. It’s an indispensable part of our operation.”

College Media News: Peace, Love, Weed, Theft, Transparency Issues & March Madness Memories

A rundown of recent college media news and interesting student journalist perspectives.

Daily Titan Calls Out Cal State Fullerton Officials for Media Silence, Stonewalling & Rudeness

The image run with the editorial: an imposingly big, seemingly impenetrable brick wall.

‘Unwarranted Minaret Eviction’: U. of Tampa Student Newspaper Forced from Newsroom, Relocated to Much Smaller Space

Staff: “We are shocked and greatly disappointed in the unprofessional manner our ‘move’ was conducted.”

Pitt News Editors: Former New York Times Leader Jill Abramson ‘Hasn’t Let Journalism’s Reinvention or Gender Disparity Clobber Her Optimism’

One editor’s take on the former NYT leader: “She was a seemingly bottomless pool of knowledge.”

Incoming Kansan Editor-in-Chief at KU: ‘We’re One of the Best Student Media Organizations, So Let’s Prove It’

Among proposed changes for fall: daytime newsroom shifts, a new brand manager & more outreach to paper’s alumni.

College Media News: Kentucky Kernel Editor Killed, Northern Michigan Lawsuit, ‘Fiscal Strains,’ Print Cutbacks & Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

A rundown of recent college media news and interesting student journalist perspectives.

‘It Happens Here, Too’: Student Newspaper at Loyola Marymount Spotlights Sexual Violence in Special Report

The paper’s EIC: “We knew sexual assault was a complicated and important topic to grasp and write about.”