About CMM

College Media Matters is a news site and innovation hub aiming to tell the story of college media 2.0 one day at a time and from as many perspectives as possible.

Created and maintained since 2008 by journalism professor and reporter Dan Reimold. Following Dan’s passing in 2015, College Media Association now maintains the blog and provides daily updates on controversial, innovative and newsworthy matters impacting the student press and journalism education worldwide. It also spotlights influential student journalists, journalism educators, student media advisers, professional journalists and others with college media connections. In addition, it regularly features standout student press content and contains occasional editorializing built atop Reimold’s belief in the power of college media.

Along with its main news posts and profiles, CMM boasts a comprehensive list of journalism programs at colleges and universities in the U.S., an annual listing of top journalism conferences and workshops, the popular 1 Million Story Ideas for Student Journalists permanent page, the College Media Podcast and the CMM Editorial Fellowship. The latter shares the writing and perspectives of roughly 20 top student journalists each semester and summer.

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