University of Arizona Student Media moving to give space to other orgs

The University of Arizona is experiencing some growing pains, and sadly student media is bearing a good bit of that pain. As The Daily Wildcat reported, a new Global Center will move into the Park Student Union. And student media will move out – including the radio station that just moved to the student union.

You can read full reporting on the situation here, but it should be noted that UA student media isn’t so much upset about moving as they are about “the lack of communication and lack of student involvement in the plan.”

In addition to the DW, student media includes KAMP Student Radio and UATV. According to the story, KAMP just moved to the center to be with the other student media at a cost of $32,000.

“We spent the money to move the radio station, and it was many, many thousands of dollars because of soundproofing radio booths and rewiring and physical move. That money is down the drain, because we now have to go move as a department somewhere else,” adviser Brett Fera said in the article.

While the university has offered a statement that claims student media will be housed in equitable surroundings soon, nothing is set in stone yet.

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