The Drexel Triangle to cease print publication

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

The Drexel Triangle at Drexel University is ceasing its print publication.

The reason? A decline in ad revenue.

Editor in chief Mike Avena recently informed the campus community that The Triangle was out of funds, and future print publications were unlikely. He then shared links for a fundraising campaign.

You’ve seen Drexel’s “Day of Giving,” and now The Triangle is starting its own funding campaign — “The Triangle’s Week of Begging.” While humorous in name, it’s no joke; the gravity of the situation is dire. The Triangle is setting its campaign funding goal at $16,000.

Mike said the Triangle ended the last fiscal year with almost “no money in the bank.” The paper was able to collect on some outstanding bills, and the staff was able to print throughout fall semester. Only to face a similar problem this month.

“[T]owards the end of last term we [were] printing the paper at a loss, and it didn’t take long to drain what little was left in our bank account,” he said. “We were again able to collect some money owed to us over the winter break, but it was only enough to cover the first three weeks of the term.”

Sadly while revenue is down, interest in working for the Triangle is up. The staff has almost doubled in size in the last year. Through improved recruitment and onboarding, the process has become less intimidating to students.

“I think that made it a lot less intimidating for students to join than what we had before” Mike said, “which was just that anyone could walk on at any time. It’s difficult to convince students to just show up to an organization in the middle of the term and immediately jump on as a staff member.”

So the cut to print couldn’t be happening at a worse time. Mike said the staff is actively seeking ways to retain the staff they’ve gained.

“We need to seriously reconsider how we put out content, as well as the kind of content we put out,” he said. “We’ve never done any sort of marketing study to gauge our reader’s responses to what we put out, but we’re hoping take advantage of the excellent marketing program we have at Drexel by getting some of their students to help us in this regard.”

In addition to the marketing efforts, The Triangle is reaching out to their alumni for revamping ideas.

In the meantime, Mike is looking for support from a simple place.

“The best way for members of the Drexel community to support The Triangle is to read it!,” he said. “I think Drexel students often get caught up in the fast-paced style of the university that they don’t always take the time to find out about what’s going on at Drexel. Reading our content and giving us feedback on it is the best way for us to improve.”

You can support The Triangle by donating here.


Graphic by Will Pearson for The Triangle

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