The State News at Michigan State covers Nassar story

It’s the story that has spread throughout the country. More than 150 women gave statements in the sentencing of ex-MSU and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. The defendant claimed listening to the statements was cruel; the judge made a name for herself by sticking by the victims and not just ignoring Nassar’s claims, but almost mocking them.

Finally, after years, the story is being covered pretty much everywhere, with a special Outside the Lines airing this week. While the national attention is shining a light on abuse and how it is allowed to thrive, The State News, the college media outlet at Michigan State, has been following the story much longer and much more in depth. That shouldn’t be forgotten while the national spotlight is shining.

Not only are they covering the news stories (the president resigning, the athletic director “retiring”), they are covering the support the campus has been showing to the survivors and the unusual relationship the president’s husband had to campus.


Students in the IZZONE throw up newspapers before the men's basketball game against Wisconsin on Jan. 26, 2018 at Breslin Center. (Nic Antaya | The State News)

The State News also covered every day of the sentencing with multimedia pieces, and they were strong when asking the president to resign, days before she did.

The national media is covering the highlights, but it’s The State News who have been covering how this scandal has affected their campus, not just their administration and athletics. And it’s The State News who will be covering the affects of this tragedy for years to come, even when the national spotlight has dimmed.

So when stories like this are breaking, consider looking for the coverage by the campus student media. It’s often just as good, or in the case of The State News, even better.

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