College editor does it all with social media

So there was an awesome Tweet on Tuesday using the collegemedia hashtag talking about how The Underground at Penn State uses Slack. As a Slack fan, I reached out to the author Adriana Lacy to ask about her Slack strategy and tips for integrating the app in college newsroom.


Adriana Lacy, social media wiz

After she graciously agreed to talk about how she uses Slack, I did a little more research about her. I found she has not only a website resume, she has a Twitter one – something I’d never heard of but I know I find genius, especially for someone who is a social media strategist.

She said she was looking for interesting ways to use Twitter Moments when it came out, and figured a Twitter resume was a good way to get extra attention.

“Recruiters and internship hiring managers are looking at your social media first,” she said. “So I thought this was a cool way to use Moments to [help with getting noticed.]”

She recommends the Twitter resume, but also following folks who are in the fields you are interested in pursuing.

“These folks can offer tips and tricks [on how to get a job like theirs],” she said.

Adriana’s resume is pinned to her Twitter profile, and she tries to update it every few months. Additionally she maintains a website that includes her resume and extensive links to her clips, something she highly recommends

“Focus on the things you do really well one,” Adriana said. “Find examples of when others share your work or compliment you, and share that. It shows your impact.”

So back to what I reached out to Adriana about…Slack. The Underground, an online publication she founded to give diverse voices a place to be heard, uses Slack to create a virtual newsroom, since they do not have a physical one.

The staff uses Slack to discuss coverage and build camaraderie. Here’s a listing of The Underground’s Slack channels.

“[Other systems have] too many messages in one stream,” she said. “Slack lets you have so many conversations in so many different areas.”

While sometimes it’s difficult to get folks to check Slack or to keep their conversations to the specific channels, the benefits outweigh the shortcomings.

“We operate the site on six different verticals,” Adriana said. “[By organizing along those lines and creating private channels] we keep conversations within that department and that staff.”

The private channels per section have other advantage.

“Some people were overcome with the notifications [before the private channels],” she said. “This creates community within the group and let’s them get to know each other.”

Pretty important for a group with no physical newsroom. But The Underground also has public channels for kudos and wall quotes, something Adriana says is invaluable.

“Praising people or [memorializing their] funny moments publicly builds a virtual community. We need to keep that energy.”

For more tips and examples on using social media, be sure to follow Adriana on Twitter.

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