Heisman finalists get the college media treatment

The three Heisman trophy candidates are getting a lot of attention from the professional media. With that attention comes a spotlight on the campuses, the facilities, the athletic programs. So here at College Media Matters, we are putting the spotlight on how the college media on these campuses have covered the Heisman candidates. Because, let’s be honest, they probably do it better.

Lamar Jackson, University of LouisvilleLamar Jackson.jpg

The sports editors at the Louisville Cardinal have been covering the feats of Lamar Jackson since he got on campus. Last year Sam Draut, the sports editor, crafted a piece on Jackson by using Jackson’s personal Instagram account. Since then, the coverage has continued.

Dalton Ray, the current sports editor, said covering Jackson brings about unusual challenges.

“His play has been out of this world for two seasons now so we, as a staff, had an idea of what we were getting into,” Ray said. “We didn’t want to only write about Jackson, so it challenged us to think outside the box.”

When you have a player like Jackson, you always worry you might lose him early. “For our final issue of the semester, we had a Jackson-only section,” Ray said. “In case Jackson declares for the NFL Draft this spring.”

Whether Jackson declares for the draft or not, Ray will have excellent coverage of a Heisman candidate for his portfolio. But he says that’s not the only advantage to covering Jackson.

“The best part about covering U of L football is watching Jackson in person,” Ray said. “I’ve never seen anyone like him. To watch him make unreal plays each week is makes me realize how lucky I am to be in this position.”

Here’s more coverage from The Louisville Cardinal





Baker Mayfield, The University of Oklahoma

In an amazing series, The Oklahoma Daily has been exploring all the Heisman award winners from the University of Oklahoma. They’ve also been covering Mayfield’s season and even his mustache.

For more stories form the Daily, check out this search link.

Bryce Love, Stanford University

Surprisingly, it doesn’t appear that The Stanford Daily has done much to cover finalist Bryce Love besides the typical football coverage and this feature on the launch of a Heisman campaign website.

Note: the sports editors of the OU Daily and The Stanford Daily did not respond to an email request to discuss their coverage.

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