People of Color Talk column causes controversy after The College Fix calls it racist

Somehow a column that has been around for almost the entire calendar year is causing some controversy. The Cooper Point Journal at Evergreen College features a column POC Talk, meaning People of Color Talk. Apparently the column has been present for a while, but on Sept. 26, the editors reintroduced the column, and its purpose, to readers. According to social media, no one noticed much.

But on Dec. 1, The College Fix wrote a piece about the column, and that generated much more talk. And most of it is pretty negative toward the column and its anonymous writer(s).

image1-625x537.jpgBut if you take a look at the column, it doesn’t seem to be filled with hate, and might actually be a useful learning tool for those seeking to understand the viewpoints and struggles of people of color. They’ve offered tips on self care, talked about candidates for vice president and provost of equity and inclusion candidates, and offered a guide for social justice slang.

Many campuses have more than one media outlet, and some have publications and sites specifically for minority and affiliate groups, like The Hispanic Culture Review at George Mason University. But not all campuses can afford separate publications, but still want to make sure they address the various groups on their diverse campuses. Which is what this column seems to be doing.


Note: The editors of the Cooper Point Journal never responded to a request to be interviewed.

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