College campuses have discussions on equality following anthem protests

It’s been more than a year since Colin Kaepernick sparked controversy by kneeling during the national anthem prior to San Francisco 49ers games. It’s been a few months since President Donald Trump further stoked that controversy by saying any athlete who kneels should be fired.

This discussion is not isolated to professional sports; it’s being held on college campuses throughout the country as students stand up for what they believe in by kneeling.


Cheerleaders absent from field after kneeling during anthem
A handful of cheerleaders take a knee during the national anthem prior to Saturday’s matchup between Kennesaw State and North Greenville on Saturday, Sept. 30.

The Sentinel, Kennesaw State University

On September 30, five cheerleaders, now known as the Kennesaw Five, knelt during the national anthem. The next week they were not allowed on the field due to what was called a change in athletics procedures (haven’t we heard this before?). Allegations swirl that a local sheriff and politician pressured the new president into keeping the women off the field.

The Daily Egyptian, Southern Illinois University

After two cheerleaders knelt during the national anthem, the athletics department and the chancellor insisted on following a new protocol–one that kept the cheerleaders off the field and the courts during the anthem.

College Heights Herald, Western Kentucky University

Last fall the Major Redz dance team not only elected to take a knee during the national anthem, they encouraged others to participate.

The State News, Michigan State University

Rather than try to avoid controversy or discussion, the men’s basketball head coach at Michigan State agreed to purchase shirts for his team that read “We Talk, We Listen”. He said he hopes the shirts will encourage better communication.

The Michigan Daily, University of Michigan

Athletes at the University of Michigan have been participating in #TakeAKnee protests for more than a year.

The Tack, Buena Vista University

Even when students and administrators have intense discussions about the decision to kneel, boosters and alumni often have negative reactions.

The Round Up, Los Angeles Pierce College

Partially in response to President Trump’s comments and tweets about the protests in the NFL, some Brahmas at Los Angeles Pierce College took a knee. The Round Up tried to put the actions and controversy in context.

The Crimson White, University of Alabama

In Alabama, protests spurred two hashtags, #BamaSits and #BamaStands

The East Carolinian, East Carolina University

It’s not just athletes who have caused controversy. At the Greenville, South Carolina school, the Marching Pirates band took a knee.

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