College Media Geeks: Ryan Weier

During the fall national college media convention, a lot of awards were handed out. Between the Pinnacles, the Pacemakers and Best of Show awards, literally hundreds of students received recognition from media professionals.

Only one received an award from his peers.

Ryan Weier won the Class Favorite Award in the Dallas Photo Shoot-Out sponsored by the convention. The senior graphic design major from Central Washington University was named best in class by other shoot-out participants. He even received an honorable mention from the professional judges.Ryan Weier - Headshot.jpg

The director of photography for the student magazine PULSE has contributed a lot to the magazine, while also breaking a few rules.

How did you get involved with college media?

Seeing a student ran magazine around campus sparked my interest and encouraged me to get involved.

Large Scale Prominade

Inadvertently mimicked the statue as he checked his watch as he wanders the city. “The typical Dallas city dweller is friendly, in terms of scale the city is huge. But once you get into
it, it’s not that big,” Prewitt said.

What went into you capturing this photo?

Rushing around Downtown Dallas in search of rental bikes as the sun neared the horizon meant a race against the clock. Some co-workers from PULSE Magazines OnceUponATone Collective and I begun peddling towards location pins we had set across Dallas. I soon felt the adrenaline rush many photographers come to love. I was determined to capture Dallas’s iconic “Traveling Man” statue towering above the skyline, with a lone figure below trumped by the size of the statue and city. Once I arrived and set up the shot I searched for a city dweller to interview and model under the structure. Nearby Macks Prewitt wandered the streets of Dallas with his girlfriend. “The typical Dallas city dweller is friendly. In terms of scale the city is huge. But once you get into it, it’s not that big,” Prewitt said. I snapped the shot and the adrenaline left my body. Prewitt’s statements couldn’t have been more accurate. Here I was in an unfamiliar city, wandering around seeking the perfect moment to capture, and I had finally found it.

Gear and settings used:

Canon 5D Mk IV with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens mounted on a Monfroto 190x Tripod; Settings: 24mm – 1/4 sec at f/8.0 ISO 1600

What three things do you think are key in capturing a great photo?

  1. Context
  2. Sharpness
  3. Throwing out the rule book.

Image 2.jpg

PULSE Magazine Fall Issue Cover |
“Celebrating Body Positivity”

What do you feel your greatest accomplishment in college media has been?

Collaborating with innovative writers, photographers, designers, and professors from PULSE Magazine.

In honor of College Media Matters’ found Dan Reimold, what is your six-word memoir?

6 word: Dreams don’t work unless you do.

15 Words: Time is money, time is gold, it can’t be pawned and it can’t be sold.

Image 3.jpg

Washington Larch Trees - “First snow after one of many Washington wildfires” |

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