Student media affected by Hurricane Harvey seek to cover the storm

Unless you’ve literally been living in a cave, you’ve seen something about the devastation Hurricane Harvey has wreaked throughout Texas and Louisiana, but its winds and rains have reached much further.

The College Heights Herald at Western Kentucky University is not only reporting on the storm, but suffering from its wrath. Editor-in-chief Helen Gibson woke up to the news that the newsroom of The Talisman, the Herald’s sister publication, had been damaged.

College Heights Herald

Water soaked ceiling tiles collapsed on a work station Photo credit: Chuck Clark

“I was here late last night,” she said. “And everything was fine. “But as I was getting ready this morning, I heard from our adviser that Hurricane Harvey happened.”

Overnight water apparently came in through the roof above one of the main work stations, damaging at least two computers.

College Heights Herald 2

A hole in the ceiling above a workstation in the newspaper office Photo credit: Chuck Clark

Currently the staff is setting up a temporary work station while also covering the damage to other spots on campus. Schools around town are closed for the day, and other buildings have taken on water.

“It’s more significant than I thought it was going to be,” Gibson said. “I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

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