April Fools’ Day editions

Ahhhh, the April Fools’ Day edition. Some media outlets avoid the concept altogether, some go all in and some carefully label each piece of satire. But sometimes these things are just fun (when done right). Here is a sample of what your college media companions were up to this week.

North Dakota State University: Normally the Spectrum, but this week The Rectum


Pepperdine University: Where the Graphic becomes the Grunion (think Graphic and Onion)

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 12.15.13 PM.png

Colorado State University: The Rocky Mountain Collegian reported on what it called a “unique story”:


SUNY Buffalo State: The Record produced such a great joke, University of Buffalo students believed it.


Rice University: The Rice Thresher normally, but this special edition is the Trasher


Piedmont College:


Capital University: Usually The Chimes, but they are The Funion around April 1.


Missouri Western State University: The Griffon News Network pokes for at their adviser, Bob Bergland, for warning against April Fools’ Day pranks.


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