College Media Geeks: Gabe Fleck, Oregon State University

Many students who get into college media are looking to have their voices heard, and Gabe Fleck is certainly one of them. But what makes him different is the other way he gets his voice heard: through singing, songwriting and performing.

Gabe is the editor of Beaver’s Digest at Oregon State University, and an aspiring musician. Last spring he was scheduled to headline OSU’s Got Talent competition, and he was heavily featured in the marketing materials for the event. But his journalism side got to him, and instead he attended College Media Association’s Spring National College Media Convention in New York City.

While Gabe intends to pursue music after graduation, he feels he is making a difference in the media world, too, by encouraging other students to find and use their voices.

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How did you get involved with OMN?

I started at OMN as a graphic designer designing page layouts and jumping on any opportunity to contribute to the magazine. I remained a graphic designer for the publication for two terms, Winter & Spring of 2015. Then in Fall 2015 I gained the position of Graphics Editor and held that through Spring term of 2016. I went out for Editor-in-Chief of the magazine in the late Spring term of 2016 and I have held the position ever since.

What do you feel your greatest accomplishment in college media has been?

My greatest accomplishment in college media has been the influence in which I am granted to have on my fellow peers. From leading my staff to producing a magazine that strives to challenge perspectives, I am present with opportunities to inspire many great minds on campus. It is a position that I try never to take for granted.

You were to be the headliner for a major campus singing event (OSU’s Got Talent), but you backed out so you could attend a college media convention. Why did you think that was so important?

I have no doubt that more music opportunities will present themselves in my post college career. That being stated, I don’t think there will be a time again when I had the chance to be at the heart of New York City learning the immense amount of applicable information

For me, the CMA convention represented the grandest of opportunities and gave me memories that will simply never be replaced.


What’s the one thing you wish you’d done in college that you haven’t done yet?

The regret list for college is not a long one for me. If I had to pick one thing I wish I would have done in college that I haven’t done yet, it would most likely be attending a soccer game.

What do you tell people who wonder why anyone would study or pursue a career in media nowadays?

I wonder why someone wouldn’t want to study or pursue a career in media today. As a society, we are at the most immediate, advanced stages of reporting and spreading news. I would hope that a majority of the young adult population has a voice and wants this voice to be heard. The best outlet for this passionate voice is the media. With contributions to media and the telling of honest stories, young adults from all backgrounds have the opportunity to share amazing stories. It is an indescribable feeling to know that you are making a slight difference in this world every day you got to work.

With all your different talents, what do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to continue my pursuits at a sustainable music career that could provide a majority of my funds needed to live a comfortable life. To ensure that I don’t jump blindly into the entertainment business however I am graduating with a degree in Graphic Design as well and I could see myself working that as the “day job.”


In honor of College Media Matters’ founder Dan Reimold, what is your six-word memoir?

Be proud but never be content.

You can find more of Gabe’s music through the links below. – Youtube – Soundcloud – iTunes – Spotify – Youtube

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