The State Hornet finds a new home

The State Hornet has won its fight to remain in the heart of the Sacramento State campus.

The weekly student-run newspaper wrote in an editorial this week that its newsroom will relocate to Del Norte Hall in time for the start of spring semester classes Jan. 23.

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The State Hornet was one of several campus organizations that were forced to leave the University Union by the middle of January as part of an 18-to-24 month renovation project. Initially, the newspaper was asked to move to Folsom Hall, a 1.1-mile trip over U.S. Highway 50 and to the outskirts of campus. It was the only organization asked to make such a move.

Its newsroom will now be next to Mendocino Hall, which houses Sac State’s Department of Communication Studies and its journalism courses.

“This is, I think, a victory for The State Hornet,” said editor-in-chief Joel Boland. “It’s going to be great for us to have this space so close to the journalism building. To be central on campus is going to make it so much better to do our jobs as opposed to having no newsroom or a newsroom that’s a mile from campus.”

The State Hornet learned of its impending move to Folsom Hall early in the fall semester. It went public with news in an editorial published Nov. 15.

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In that editorial, the newspaper outlined its reasons for opposing the move.

“In moving The State Hornet off campus, reporters will be limited in being able to respond to and report on breaking news. The 30-40 minute round trip alone will result in newsworthy situations being over by the time a reporter gets there, or the matter being ‘resolved’ by police without any eyewitness being available to us.”

In the nearly two months since, The State Hornet’s plight was covered locally by the Sacramento Bee and the student newspaper received letters of support from alums and professional journalists.

Boland and faculty adviser Stu VanAirsdale both said The State Hornet would not move to Folsom Hall. The two led the way in seeking an alternative solution, an appeals process that went through the Department of Communication Studies, the College of Arts & Letters, and the Sac State’s president’s office.

“We definitely got the space because we fought hard to arrange an alternative, to find an alternative like (Del Norte Hall),” VanAirsdale said. “We enlisted support from a lot of folks on campus to help us find that space and they came through for us at the last minute. It’s not like we forced everyone’s hand. We were able to successfully build a campaign they were able to get behind. It’s hard to argue that (The State Hornet) should be anywhere but right here.”

According to Tuesday’s editorial, written by Boland, other possible locations included a temporary office trailer, a storage space located in a parking garage and an unused racquetball court.

Boland thanked many people for helping make the move possible, including Sac State president Robert Nelsen and his chief of Staff Lisa Cardoza.

“I’m very grateful,” he said. “I said it in the editorial, and I was very specific with my wording on this. I said I’m so grateful for the creativity and the hard work by the University … I think there was a lot of hard work to find us this space.”

There will be another move in the newspaper’s future, as it is scheduled to return to the University Union once the renovations are complete.

“We are really happy to have resolved this,” VanAirsdale said.

“I don’t know if it’s gratifying. It’s a little bittersweet. While we do have our home set for the foreseeable future, we will have to move again by all indications. I would love to be settled in one place.”

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