What Happened When UVA’s Student Newspaper Told Its Former Staffers We Need $55,000 ASAP

The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia recently faced an outstanding $55,000 rent bill for its newsroom space and no way to pay it. The subsequent forced move would have been rough. According to The Washington Post, “Instead of a 2,100-square-foot office, the staff of more than 100 students would share one measuring only 380 square feet.”

So editors made an impassioned plea to the paper’s alumni. The result, only 14 hours later: Rent paid, in full. Or at least the ability for the paper to pay its rent via pledged donations, including one individual who apparently gave $20,000.

Of course, the paper’s larger financial woes and worries continue. (I first wrote about them in May 2014.) If you visit the Cavalier Daily website at the moment, the pop-up below is what greets you.


Among many other recent feats of journalistic awesomeness, the Cavalier Daily earned mass amounts of praise, professional news shout-outs and social media shares this past fall for its comprehensive coverage of the Rolling Stone rape scandal.

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