Harvard Student Humor Magazine Tricks Donald Trump with Fake Presidential Endorsement

College media have officially entered the 2016 presidential race.

In the best bit of tomfoolery to hit the campaign so far, The Harvard Lampoon tricked leading GOP (joke) candidate Donald Trump into believing he was receiving a serious presidential endorsement.

Staffers at the venerable Harvard University student humor magazine apparently told Trump’s people they were ready to publicly endorse him for president — all while pretending to be members of The Harvard Crimson¬†campus¬†newspaper.

Trump took the bait, posing for an instantly-iconic thumbs-up photo with the Lampoon team. The pic is now online, accompanying a full-on parody editorial headlined “Crimson Endorses Trump for President.”


As the (real) Crimson reports: “Among other points, [the parody piece] dubbed him ‘a celebrity above all’ and ‘the most formidable and competitive candidate on the Republican side.’ It also espoused his job creation record — specifically the supposed good work of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice,’ a reality show Trump has hosted. The editorial reasoned that the show helped ‘inactive or troubled’ celebrities regain their fame and thus created jobs.”

Umm, Donald, did you not think for even one second that it’s a bit strange for the respected student paper at the most prestigious school in the land to go all-in on a candidate before the first primary debate for either party has been held?? I genuinely love every ounce of this story. :)

In a nod to the Lampoon team’s bravado, the Crimson refers to the whole shebang as “a prank of presidential proportions.”

P.S. For those interested, the Lampoon has a long history of celebrity pranks. In an interview earlier this year with Howard Stern, Conan O’Brien describes a few of them he helped stage during his time in charge of the publication — involving Bill Cosby and Burt Ward (who played Robin on the 1960s “Batman” TV show). The video below cuts right to the start of his Lampoon reminiscing. [Note: There is some foul language and a few Cosby rape references.]

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