Daily Reveille at LSU Preparing for ‘Swift Transformation,’ Possibly with Less Print

The Daily Reveille at Louisiana State University may soon undertake a “swift transformation.” The aim is to better position the 118-year-old student newspaper for success in the new media environment, boost revenue and reader relevancy and prepare student staffers for post-grad journalism careers. The changes may include a reduction to the daily printing schedule, a move at least a few TDR alumni are voicing initial concerns about on social media.

In a blog post yesterday, new LSU student media director Steve Buttry shared a document outlining his thoughts for a reinvented Reveille. He originally created it a few months back for the search committee when applying for the director position.

A portion of the document’s nut graf:

“We should not pretend that we are on the cutting edge because we have a website and apps from an external provider. Our current mix of products simply is not sufficient for the future. Maintaining the status quo accepts a continuation and probably acceleration of the current declining revenue, provides an outdated experience for students working in student media and fails to meet the media needs of an increasingly mobile and scattered university community.”


Ten thousand copies of the Daily Reveille are currently distributed on and around LSU’s campus. Buttry tells The Advocate that number will most likely be cut. As he confirms, “It’s not being picked up at the level it once was.”

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