Student Media Preparing to Slack En Masse? Ithacan Webmaster Says Digital Platform is Perfect ‘Collaboration Tool for College Newsroom’

The Ithacan digs Slack. The real-time digital messaging and workflow platform is gaining uber-momentum within collegemediatopia. In last Sunday’s Twitter chat, a number of student press editors and advisers said they are experimenting with Slack or have already decided to make it their virtual news meeting space.

The Ithacan student newspaper at New York’s Ithaca College may be college media’s most impassioned Slack convert so far. In a new post on Medium, Ithacan webmaster Evan Sobkowicz writes, “Slack has proved to be an amazing open, real-time communication and collaboration tool for a college newsroom.”

According to Sobkowicz, the staff has especially appreciated the more organized approach to sharing story ideas, newsroom announcements and links sharing — cutting down on emails and overlapping messages (especially during breaking news situations).


In his words:

“During the last week of the semester, the annual ‘Kendall Day’ block party on a street just off the Ithaca College campus took place. That Saturday morning, rumors were that the police were blocking the entrance to the street. Because all of our editors were set up with Slack, we were able to share rumors, facts, photos, interviews and collaborate on a story in real-time. We successfully covered ‘Kendall Day’ and updated our article frequently throughout the day. That day served as proof that Slack has great potential to be the solution to our communication problem.”

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