College Media Podcast: Ana Goni-Lessan, Adviser, The Cougar, University of Houston

1Ana Goni-Lessan is the activities coordinator within the Center for Student Media at the University of Houston, making her the adviser of The Cougar student newspaper. She is also an award-winning reporter, photographer and graphic designer who graduated from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communication. During her undergrad days at UF, among other pursuits, she served on staff at The Independent Florida Alligator.

For this edition of the College Media Podcast, Goni-Lessan spoke to me in person from her office in UH’s state-of-the-art Welcome Center. At one point early on, a blender can be heard through the walls. She (rightfully) blamed student government. :)

She also spoke about the benefits and challenges of advising a staff comprised of mainly commuter students, the importance of greater student exposure to longform journalism and why “more buttons need to be pushed” and “more people need to be called out” by college media.

Click here or on the embed below to listen in on our chat. To access more editions of the College Media Podcast, click here.

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