College Media Podcast: Kelly Bauer, The Northern Star, Northern Illinois University

Kelly Bauer recently concluded a three-year stint as editor-in-chief and publisher of The Northern Star student newspaper at Northern Illinois University. To confirm, for those not in the loop on college media routines and traditions, a three-year EIC stint is a LONG time — making Bauer most likely the longest-serving student newspaper leader among the class of 2015. 

While NIU was not the top school on her college list, it definitely proved to be the right one for her. As she wrote in a recent farewell column, published less than a week before she graduated from the university: “If I’d had the money to attend Mizzou, I would have. That would have been an incalculable mistake.”

For this edition of the College Media Podcast, Bauer shares the story behind that statement. She also discusses what it’s like running a campus newspaper and offers advice to prospective journalism students on how to make the most of their collegiate experience.

Click here or anywhere on the image below to listen in on our chat.

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