DePaul Student Newspaper to School: Stop Blocking Access to Campus Sources

The DePaulia student newspaper at DePaul University is having trouble gaining access to important sources on campus and getting full answers to important questions when they do.

In a new editorial, the paper shared, “It’s difficult if not impossible to get the real information [staffers] need, often it’s just watered-down talking points. … The DePaul brand is a part of our brand, and we don’t want it to falter. But for any institution to function at its highest capacity, people must ask questions. At a university it can come from the students, it can come from faculty and it can come from journalists. If there’s nothing to hide, there’s no reason to hide.”

1The image accompanying the editorial — created by staffer Max Kleiner — is a brick wall. As CMM readers are well aware, it’s become a popular one to display student journalists’ rising frustrations with their school officials and offices.

In an exclusive College Media Podcast chat yesterday afternoon, DePaulia editor-in-chief Courtney Jacquina spring 2015 CMM Editorial Fellow — spoke to me about the university’s media transparency issues and the paper’s editorial calling them out.

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