College Media News: LSU By Drone, Evolution of UF’s Innovation News Center & Badger Herald for Life

Here’s a rundown of recent college media and journalism education news, a smidgen of student press history, some student journalist perspectives and a few funny headlines and tweets.

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‘A Natural Next Step.’ The Badger Herald at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is going digital-first and weekly in print. Editor Tara Golshan: “Three years ago, we were printing a newspaper five days a week, but we knew this wasn’t what our readers wanted. Moving to two print editions a week allowed us to re-think what the paper should be; not just telling students what the news is but why it matters to them. Our move today is a natural next step.” (The Badger Herald, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

BH4LYFE. Staying in Madison for a moment, here’s a portion of a Badger Herald staffer’s goodbye column — summoning rivalry with competing campus newspaper The Daily Cardinal: “Here at The Badger Herald, we have a saying — BH4LYFE. … The Badger Herald has always been a family affair for me — my parents met at The Badger Herald in the 1980s. Growing up as a child of two Herald alumni, there wasn’t much hesitation when choosing which of the two student newspapers to write for my freshman year. As my dad put it, “You don’t have to write for the Herald, but you will not write for that Cardinal rag.” (The Badger Herald, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

‘Transitioning to a Contemporary Media Organization.’ In a Medium post, Matt Sheehan, the director of the Innovation News Center at University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, shares “[w]hy we’re examining many of the things we’ve spent the last 18 months building in our newsroom. Follow along as we chronicle lessons from a small-market station group transitioning to a contemporary media organization.”

‘The Consequences of What We’d Done.’ The Daily Pennsylvanian dutifully reported on last year’s rash of student suicides at the University of Pennsylvania. Not every Penn official loved that. In a farewell column, outgoing staffer Sarah Smith shares, “There was one beginning-of-the-year meeting with a senior administrator when I knew we were in trouble. We’d just run a story about a student who killed herself, and we got indications from Penn’s communication staff that the administration was unhappy. Sitting in our office, the administrator told us about the consequences of what we’d done. We, the student newspaper, had been irresponsible in printing what actually happened to the student. We could even trigger our fellow students to kill themselves — did we really want that on our conscience? Because, the administrator told us, swiveling back and forth on a maroon desk chair, it would be.” (The Daily Pennsylvanian, University of Pennsylvania)

“Scott Shamp, director of the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia, retired on May 2 after 28 years of service.” (The Red & Black, University of Georgia)

‘LSU By Drone.’ The Daily Reveille flew a drone over Louisiana State University’s campus. Here’s the video it captured.

Amid Bill Simmons drama, “how a college radio host landed an interview with ESPN’s John Skipper” (Sports Illustrated)

Men’s basketball player at University of Buffalo who is transferring writes letter to the editor in The Spectrum student newspaper to say goodbye (The Spectrum, University of Buffalo)

Did you know The Spectrum gets no financial support from UB or the student government? The Spectrum is trying to…

Posted by The Spectrum on Thursday, May 14, 2015

“It has now been eight months since Wallis Annenberg Hall first opened its doors, and along with the five-story, 88,000 square foot headquarters for the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, came the two women at its helm —Sarah Banet-Weiser, director of the School of Communications, and Willow Bay, director of the School of Journalism — who assumed their roles just before the start of the 2014-2015 academic year.” (The Daily Trojan, University of Southern California)

‘Anybody That is Passionate About Something.’ New student newspaper at The New School in New York City focuses on social justice. As founder shares, “Basically the purpose of the paper is just to allow anybody that is passionate about something — it could be feminism, it could be gay rights, it could be education, it could be so many different things. And just to allow them to write whatever they are thinking or feeling without feeling repressed or feeling like maybe they don’t have a voice.” (The New School Free Press, The New School)

“If you know Photoshop or InDesign coming out of college, you’re 10 times more marketable. Every journalism kid should know about those services.” (MediaShift)

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